Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Eye Wonder What He Was Doing

So, I've been gone for awhile. Got married, had a few kids, but now I'm back. And I see that customers are still the same assholes they've always been.

Who knew that you could use products and put them back on the shelf when you were done with them?

We had a guy come in the other day that was looking at our Health and Beauty section. I wasn't paying much attention because I was busy with other customers.

After awhile he came up to my register and asked for the bathroom key. I handed it to him, hoping he wasn't going to crap all over the place and mess the bathroom up.

About ten minutes later he emerged and handed me the key. He also walked over to the Health and Beauty section and put back a box of eye drops. Then he left.

The whole thing was shady to me, so I wrote down his license plate number and then went to watch the security cameras for when he came in. Apparently this jerk picked up the eye drops, asked me for the bathroom key, took the eye drops in with him, then put them back on the shelf when he was done.

I went back out to the front of the store and picked up the eye drops he had put back. Sure enough, the package was opened and there were still fresh droplets on the cap. That fucker had used the eye drops in our bathroom and then put them back.

It's a good thing I caught it or else some unsuspecting customer might have bought those and gotten pink eye or whatever the fuck this guy might have had.

Naturally I called the police, and they came out and took a report. From the license plate, they found out that the guy lived two towns over. Which for us means we are out of luck. No one wants to follow up on a $2.89 purchase. So of course that fucker got away with it.

Have you ever done anything like that before? Maybe not as extreme, but used a product and then put it back on the shelf?


  1. Nope, but it does not surprise me that it happens. When I worked in a book store, people would come in and read a book over a period of days or weeks so that they did not have to buy it, and were apparently too lazy to borrow it from the library.

    Same thing for the old guy who would buy a pile of books, take them home to read in his cigarette smoke filled house and return them, infused with his scent of doom.

    Both behaviors were not particularly harmful to our regular customers because we were unable to sell the smoky ones and I guess that, just by chance, the folk who read in the store never read the same copy straight through.

    It was a terrible loss for the store, but that was a million years ago and the chain bookstores have chairs, sofas and coffee shops for people to read the stuff they do not want to buy.

    However, using eye drops like that is just insane. What a creepazoid.

  2. I used to work at a drug store and would catch women putting lipstick on all the time! Thank goodness they seal them up now! Gross!!

  3. Customers can be bastards. As an ex-waitress, I mostly had 'grabby hands' types touching my lower back, belly, backside just tryin' to 'get my attention'.

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