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  1. I love this. I'm getting such a kick out of reading your posts. I wish I had the guts to talk to my rude customers the way you do, and was allowed to.

    I work at McDonalds. I get pretty ticked at the customers I see anytime, but we get some of the worst during the overnight shift. I've been taken off of overnights several times because I get angry at the customers and get complained on, but because of employee turnover I keep ending up back on overnights. Our lobby closes at 11, and after that the customers have to use the drive-thru. For overnight, we only have two people, the service person and the grill person. I'm service, I have to take orders, pay them out, run them and hand them out. And they are not small simple orders. And I also have to clean and stock and make teas, which there are a lot of.
    It's frustrating because I'm only one person and I'm expected to take orders at the same time as paying out other orders, even tho I'm working off of one register. And we're not supposed to tell the customers to hold, but if I didn't, Then the customers that've already ordered would have to wait on their food. So I'm screwed either way. And the ones I tell to hold think that they are the only customers I have to wait on so why cant I take their orders. Then there's the ones that instead of holding decide to just drive on around to the window so I have to lean out to hear what they want while another customer waits at the speaker.
    I've had customers that throw a tantrum over sauce packets because we're supposed to charge for them.
    One common scenario is this:
    "Can I get an extra fry/drink/ect. for the wait?"
    You mean you want something for free because you waited five minutes. Because you chose to come to our store late at night when everything is cook to order. And we already had a long line of customers ahead of you. Get the Hell out of my drive-thru.
    And people come up late at night with their kids to get happy meals. Go home and put your kid to bed. And they pay in change; I have to stand there and count them up. Or they give me a one hundred dollar bill for a 2+ dollar order.

    And the managers don't help.
    "The customer is always right, even when they're wrong."
    That bull crap phrase is starting to make me sick to my stomach.

    "I'm sorry, we're out of sweet tea at the moment can I get you..." "Don't deny them! We have to sell it even if we don't have it!"

    And people that come in and want lunch during breakfast or breakfast during lunch.

    This woman pissed me off the other day when she came in the DT 6 minutes after we switched to lunch. She's got a long history of complaining to corporate. "They charged me for cream cheese for my bagel" "The cream cheese they gave me was frozen"
    This day she ordered her bagel, and I told her we're on lunch. She asked when we switched over, I told her 10:30.
    "It's been six minutes, but I can't get a bagel."
    "I'm sorry ma'am, we're only serving lunch right now."
    "Can I speak to a manager?"
    Then the manager at the time, who pisses me off frequently, says, "we can give that to her."

    Aand then people want to specify things by price.
    "I want the dollar mcdouble," we only have one mcdouble and the price went up to 1.29
    "I want a dollar fry" we don't have a dollar fry bimbo
    "I want a dollar sweet tea in a Styrofoam cup" STOP IT WITH THE STYROFOAM
    There is lots more I can go on about, but I don't want to rant. *Rant LOL*

    But I'm glad we can vent about our experiences on sites like this. Keep up the great work.



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