Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Craigslist Missed Connections

I don't know if any of you ever go on Craigslist, but I always go on and read the 'Missed Connections' section.

What it's for is usually if you saw someone somewhere and you thought they were cute or something, then you go on Missed Connections and put up a post on there trying to find that person.

I've waited for six years for someone from my store to be mentioned.

And it finally happened.

One of the girls that work for us is a big flirt and she will always talk to customers and ALOT of guys ask her out (girls too, but that's another story).

Anyways, these people will ask for her phone number and she will sometimes give it out. She makes plans with these people and never follows through. She'll always give some kind of excuse as to why she never called them or why she never showed up for their 'date'. People come in all the time looking for her, and it's kind of funny because it gives me drama to watch.

So i was innocently reading the Craigslist Missed Connections the other day and came across a post with our store name and the name of the employee in it. Excitedly I clicked on it.

This was a few weeks ago and it has since been deleted, but it basically went on to say that she sucked and that she never called him after they talked all summer. It then included a picture of her at the bottom of the post.

Seeing this made my whole week. AND...a few weeks later, there was ANOTHER post, probably from the same person, STILL going on about how much she sucked and that she broke their heart.

After I told her about it and laughed at her, she has seemed to calm down with the customers because I don't think she wants to be talked bad about on the Internet.

Has anyone read Missed Connections before and found themselves on it?

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