Friday, October 29, 2010

Other Customers Around the City

I find it funny when I see rude customers when I'm out shopping.

I was at the bank the other day and there was a woman in the drive-thru. Well the inside of the bank was busy, so this woman outside was waiting for a little bit. When one of the bank tellers finally got to her, she said "Is there only one of you working today? What's the problem in there?"

And the poor bank teller apologized and was actually nice to her. To her face. Once she turned around toward us, she started making comments about the customer. If I were the bank teller, I would have told the woman to fuck off and go somewhere else. And then that would be the end of my bank teller career.

Then yesterday, I was at a store and was waiting in a long line. There was a woman in front of me that kept sighing incessantly. There was a problem with the woman in front of her, something with needing the manager, which was why we were all stopped in line. So this woman in front of me starts yelling at the cashier asking "What's taking so long?" and "Don't you know what you're doing?". The cashier kept his cool (what is with this new breed of shy/nice cashiers?) and just shrugged his shoulders at her.

I wanted to take the bag of frozen fish sticks I bought and slap her in the throat with it.

I guess I should be grateful for the crappy customers I have instead of these prissy older women that are now going around town being bitches to cashiers.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Emptying Your Ashtray

One thing I don't understand that happens A LOT, is why people will empty their ashtrays on the ground in the parking lot.

I mean, the garbage can is just a few feet away from your fat ass, so get out of your car and empty it in there.

I am always sweeping up piles of cigarette butts and ashes from the parking lot. I just don't understand why people have the nerve to litter openly like that. At least get out and dump it behind the building or something. Don't just leave your pile of butts all over the lot.

I wish I could catch one of these people sometime. I would scoop up their mess after they leave and wait for the next time they come into the store. Once inside, I would have my coworker distract them while I run outside, open their car door, and dump the ashtray contents all over their seat.

It's the same thing with people that come into the store and buy a drink. They will sometimes finish the drink before they get to their car, and then just throw the bottle on the ground.

People are pigs. I get paid to ring you up for your crap, not pick it up off the ground.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Morning Workers vs. Night Workers

One thing I can't stand is when customers in line think they are better than other customers just by what they are buying.

I have a lot of customers that work the night shift, and when they come in to my store at 6am, they are just getting off of work while others are just starting their day.

Well these night shift workers will often be buying beer after work so they can relax and watch tv or something before they go to bed. The same thing these other people working 9-5 do when they get off of work.

But somehow, the morning customers will look down on the customers buying beer this early in the morning, like they are some kind of a drunk or something. They have no clue that this person is just on a different work schedule than they are.

These morning snobs will usually roll their eyes or make comments about these customers after they leave. I hate that.

I usually inform these snobs that these customers are just getting off of work and that there's nothing wrong with buying beer at 6 in the morning. I then tell them they shouldn't talk about people behind their back and to be nice.

No one listens to me though.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Don't Hurt Yourself Now

So the other day I'm filling my cup with hot water to put my teabag in. I'm standing there talking to an annoying customer. I look up, and my coworker is not paying attention (as usual) to the line that has formed at the register.

As I'm running over there calling her name and going to help ring up customers, I hit one of the racks and end up spilling my hot boiling cup of water all over my arm and the floor. It hurt, bad.

While I'm standing there in a daze from the burning sensation, the customer that was talking to me goes "Oh, don't hurt yourself," with a smirk on his face. I wanted to tell him to fuck off, or even throw the rest of the hot water in his face to see how he liked it, but instead told him "Thanks for caring so much" and walked away.

Really? Do you really think I want to hear that fucking shit as I'm standing there with scalding hot water all over my arm? Fuck you, buddy.

I hate when people think they're funny by saying stuff like that. "Don't hurt yourself"? Am I supposed to be like "Oh gosh, mister, thanks. Even though I just burned myself, I was about to start cutting myself too just to make it hurt worse. But since you told me to not hurt myself, I guess I won't do it then. You've saved the day!"

Just once, when someone says something like that to me, I'd like to get a running start and push them in the chest as hard as I can. And then I'd watch it over and over again on the security cameras. While eating popcorn.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

No Connection

Currently have shitty internet and a shitty computer that only works when it feels like it. I hate technology sometimes.

Looks like I'll be taking it out on the customers tomorrow!

Good luck to everyone that comes into my store in the morning.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Coffee Card Club

Sometimes I hate working in the morning.

We have one of those coffee clubs, where you buy 9 cups of coffee or so and get the 10th one free. Well we have those cards that people can get stamped.

Sometimes people take fucking forever to pull them out of their purse or wallet.

I don't know how many times I've said "I can just give you another one", but it's "Oh no, that's okay, I'll find it eventually."

Well I don't have until eventually, especially when there are angry customers waiting behind you!

Sometimes I want to take the coffee card stamper and start stamping all their clothes and money. Stamping away while telling them to hurry the fuck up.

I think it's time for my nap. Today just wasn't a good day with all those coffee people pissing me off.

Monday, October 18, 2010

No Scanner For You!

I hate it when customers think it's funny to scan their own items.

I had this guy come in one time doing this. I seriously think he did it to scam me and get free stuff.

He walks up to my register with a crapload of items, mostly candy bars. I'm talking about probably 15-20 various small items of candy. Something that would be easy to get messed up on.

He makes some small talk with me, flashing his bright yellow smile, and proceeds to pick up one of his items, reach over, and scan it with my scanner.

Once he did this, he stood back, fake smiling and softly laughing, probably trying to gauge my reaction. I played along, fakely laughing as well.

Well I guess he thought it was okay, because he started to scan more of his items into the register. Back then, I was too polite to say anything and thought I would get yelled at for 'being mean to a customer', so I just stood there, quietly supervising.

Well this guy quickly picked up speed, because soon I saw hands and candy flying everywhere, and the occasional scanner beep going off.

I wasn't sure what happened, it had all gone too fast. Next thing I know, I'm bagging his items up while he's handing me his money and telling me to keep the change.

He quickly said goodbye and got out of there. I look at the register and see that his total was $4.52. He had handed me $5 and told me to keep the change. There was no way all the shit he bought only came to $4.52. That bitch had scammed me.

So now, when people try to scan their own items, I get pissed. It is not your job to do my job. You are not making it easier on me by scanning your items. And if you happen to scan it twice by accident, then that's your fault and you're paying for it.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Cup After Cup After Cup

I got so pissed off the other morning when I came in to work. (What's new, right?)

Anyways, I'm standing at the register talking to my co-worker and watch as this woman walks in with a coffee mug. She takes a 16 oz. cup of ours and pours some cappuccino in it. She then takes a sip, and throws the cup out.

Next, she takes a 12 oz. cup, pours some cappuccino in it, takes a sip and then throws it out.

Finally she fills up her own coffee mug with coffee. Then she comes to the register.

"You know, I can give you a sample cup next time so you don't have to throw out those cups of ours."

She just looked at me and I could tell she wanted to say something bitchy.

"Okay," was all she said as she then disregarded me for the rest of the sale.

Again I ask, who do people think they are? How can someone be so freaking wasteful? She basically just walked in and started throwing our cups out. Do people not realize that those things cost money?

And then when I say something to her about it, she gets a look on her face like I'm just some stupid cashier and shouldn't even be talking to her. Dumb bitch.

I hope she got her freshly highlighted hair caught in her car window. And when she was trying to pull her hair out of the window, I hope she spilled her coffee all over her shirt and burned her boobs.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Could You BE Any Slower?

Why is it the first customer of the night is always the one to piss me off when I work night shift?

I was actually in a good mood when I came in to work.

This guy comes up to the register asking for cigarette specials. I tell him we don't have any and he just stands there looking at the cigarettes.

So then he starts asking me the price of some of the cigarettes. At first I tell him, but when he's on the 5th cigarette he wants to know the price for, I start to get irritated. First, the prices are right in front of the cigarettes. Second, I now have a line of people waiting behind him.

"How much are the Camels?"

"$5.12. I'm going to ring up these other people behind you until you decide what you want."

He stands to the side to let the next customer step up. "You know what? Nevermind, I'll just go to another gas station for cigarettes," he said angrily.

"You know what? Go somewhere else, I don't fucking care," was what I wanted to say, but didnt.

Instead I said nothing and after he left customers were talking about what a douche that guy had been.

I don't understand why some people think we have nothing better to do but stand up there and wait while you decide. Sure, it's my job to sell cigarettes, but not while you take 10 minutes to decide and hold up the line for the other customers.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Annoying Co-Workers

I work with an old lady every morning and every morning she drives me crazy. It's kind of a love/hate relationship, with me usually getting annoyed at the stuff she does.

One thing that I can't stand is when she makes a comment about items people purchase. If they buy a drink, she will look at it while ringing it up, checking out the calorie counts and things like that.

Or if someone buys candy, she tells them they should eat something more healthy.

I know she's joking around with the customers, but when I'm a customer somewhere, I hate when a cashier makes a comment about what I'm buying.

When I'm a customer, I just want to get in and out of the store. I usually don't want to make small talk about the Twinkie or Ding Dong that I'm buying. Just let me buy my shit and get out of there.

And that's what I know most of the customers are thinking when she's ringing them up.

I should have a friend come in while she working and buy condoms, duct tape and rope. Let's see what she has to say about that then.

Friday, October 8, 2010

Ma'am, You Need to Pay for That

We had this girl come in today and fill up her cup with coffee. Or so we thought..

After she filled it up, she went back outside to her car without even paying for it.

So my coworker ran after her. He told her that she needs to pay for the coffee she took.

"Oh, I didn't get coffee. I just filled my cup with creamer."

...Really? Like that shit doesn't cost anything?

I can't stand when customers come in and do that. Surprisingly we get tons of people that run in, fill their coffee mug from home up with a 'dash' of cream, and then run out.

I'd understand if they were buying other stuff in the store, but they aren't. They're leaving their car running to come in and steal our coffee creamer.

Half the time these are people I've never even seen before!

People have some nerve.

I told my co-worker next time to charge her 10 cents for it. Yeah, it's only 10 cents, but it's the point of the whole thing. Don't fucking come in the store and assume things are free.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Picking the Best of the Bunch

I love it when customers think they pull one over on me by handing me crumpled money or old money.

I love watching when they go through their wad of cash, looking for the most beat up bills they can find, and then slowly plucking them out of the bunch and handing them to me.

It's also funny when someone tries to disguise the fact that they are giving me a bill that's ripped or missing corners. They try to hide that bill in between others that are fully intact.

But it's okay, I always notice these things.

So when I'm giving you your change back after you carefully took the time to give me the shittiest money you had, I am taking my time looking for the crappiest and grossest coins I can find.

So don't be surprised when you get back a coin with a mystery substance on it. I may make it look like I don't notice what I've giving you, but I know exactly what I'm doing.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Text Away, Mo-Fo

This guy walked up to the register today staring down at his phone and texting.

"Can I help you?"

He just kept on texting. I stood there for about a minute and he still hadn't looked up.

"Okay, when you're finished texting, then I'll ring you up," I said as I walked away from the register.

Once I had said that, he had looked up, and watched me walk away from the register, probably thinking I was rude for doing so.

I never went back to the register to see if he was finished texting. I'm assuming my co-worker rang him up when she was finished with her customer, but I really don't care.

If you're that inconsiderate to walk up to the register, take up space and ignore me, then you should get treated the same.

Monday, October 4, 2010

I'll Pay You Later, I Promise

One of our regulars came in the other day.

"Is the boss here?" he asked.

"No, it's Sunday," I replied.

"Well, can I have a pack of cigarettes and I'll pay you back in a few days?" he looked at me.

Let me give you a little background on this guy. Sometimes we let our regulars do this and pay us a few days later. I understand hard times and all, but when you screw us over and don't come back for 6 months, well, we've learned our lesson and aren't going to let you get away with that again.

Which is precisely what this guy did. Six months ago, we gave him a pack of smokes and he said he'd pay us back on payday a few days later. He ended up coming in 6 months later, thinking we forgot about what he had done. But we caught him and got our money back. He even had to pay more, because cigarettes had gone up in price during that year.

And here he is, trying it again:

"No, you can't have cigarettes," I said.

"Why not?"

"Because we aren't going through this again. You didn't come back last time so you ruined it for yourself."

He gets an evil look in his eye. "I came back right away last time." Ahh, how he can so easily lie.

"Well, you're not getting any cigarettes from here, so go try somewhere else."

Apparently he had come into our store the night before and tried the same thing with other employees, telling them that the boss said it was okay if he took a pack of cigarettes.

I'm guessing he screwed over the other stores on our corner, because he was coming back around to us begging for cigarettes.

What's bad is that this guy DOES have money. When I refused to give him a pack of cigarettes one time, he pulled out a wad of $20s and paid for them that way.

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