Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Where Have All the Plungers Gone?

We had some guys come in and work on the outside canopy of our store a couple days ago. Since our bathroom is permanently out of order, we were nice enough to let these guys use the bathroom as they needed it.

Big mistake.
Please tell me how someone (besides a child), doesn't know how to use a plunger?
After one of the guys asked for the key to the bathroom, he went in and came right back out saying there was a problem in there and that it wasn't him. He then promptly left the store.
I, naturally, was elected to go in there.
As I suspected, some asshole clogged the toilet, which was bad enough, but then this fucking idiot stuck the plunger in upside down to try to get it unclogged.
Yes, that's right, the wooden stick of the plunger was stuffed into the toilet. And left there.
I just don't understand this. Was he trying to shove something even further down in there? Or did he just not really understand how a goddamn plunger works?
I was so disgusted that I left it in there for the next shift to clean up. Yeah, I know, I'm shitty, but someone else should feel my pain every day besides me.
I guess this is one of life's greatest mysteries. Who would do that to a poor plunger? Or maybe I'm the idiot and there's some new way to unclog a toilet that I've never heard of?
Someone help me out here.

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