Thursday, January 30, 2014

It's C-C-C-C-Cold!!

So, its been freezing here in good old Cleveland. Temperatures in the negatives, etc. In other words, this is cold we aren't used to.

However, the news has sure been letting us know 24/7 how cold it's going to be here. Everyone knows, it's not a secret.

Yet every single day during this cold, customers have been coming in and that's all they're talking about. Fine, whatever, but when you come in to buy a 75 cent item, I'm not going to feel bad for you.

I've stopped making conversation with customers for right now. If they ask how I am, I'll say "Good." and that's it. I won't ask how they are, but I know they are dying for me to ask so they can inform me as to how cold it is.

Here is how my days have been going:

Old Guy: Hiya! How's it going? *slaps his 75 cent newspaper on the counter*

Me: Good. *looks out window*

Old Guy: *starts to shiver* Brr! It sure is cold out there, don't you think?

Me: *sighing on the inside* Yes, it's a chilly one.

Old Guy: Why are you working today? It's too cold for anyone to be out there in this!

Me: Well, then how would you get your newspaper?

Old Guy: *ignores what I said* Brr! It's freezing!

And so on, etc. Please, people. I know how cold it is. I know it sucks that I have to work, but don't make it worse asking me why I'm there when you're in there buying the gum/magazine/condoms you can't live without.

It's cold, I GET IT!

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