Thursday, July 26, 2012

Tell Me What You REALLY Think...

I received this comment the other day on my "Little Things I Do to Get My Revenge" post. 

Anonymous said...

    I am sure you enjoy little acts of revenge, but at the end of the day the real issue is that you are working in a convenience store. Maybe you should get some more education and seek more satisfying employment elsewhere.

Why does everyone assume that someone working in a convenience store has little to no education? Times are tough out there and not many people are hiring for any type of job. When we DO hire, we get applications where there are WAY too many people with years and years of professional experience in their field, yet they just can't seem to make ends meet and are looking for a second job to help out with some of the bills.

Also, wouldn't working in a convenience store be better than some of these assholes that don't have a job at all? There are people that live off the government or scam them, yet it's okay because at least they aren't working in a convenience store? So it would be okay if I sat on the side of the road scratching my crotch all day instead of working in a *gasp* convenience store?

Don't assume anything about anyone, Anonymous. Where a person works should not matter who they are or what you may think of them. But it seems that you like to judge people on what type of job they have.

I graduated from college 10 years ago. (jesus, has it been that long?)

I am a published author with my second book coming out next month.

I happen to work where I do because it is my family's business. Sure, some customers suck, but I like working with my family. And not all customers are bad. Like I said, they've been behaving themselves lately so I've been extremely bored at work.

Why do I write this blog? Because there are a lot of people that can relate to what I go through with customers and they like to read about it.

So Anonymous, don't assume someone needs more education or that they need to find more life fulfilling work just because they work at a convenience store. Everyone has to work and not everyone likes their jobs but they do it anyways. It's called "Work" for a reason. That's why people say they hate getting up for "Work" and not that they hate getting up for "Fun"!


Thursday, July 19, 2012

Lying Scumbag Thieves...Is There Any Other Kind?

Sorry I've been MIA, been real busy and customers haven't actually been too bad lately.

I was just saying that to someone the other day, which of course means I jinxed myself.

I was working the other day when I had to go up front to help get rid of the line that had formed. My coworker was ringing up a guy's purchase and his card kept declining.

I wasn't too sure what was going on but I saw the customer grab his bag and walk to the back of the store.

"Did he pay for that?" I asked my coworker.

"No, his card declined. He said he'd put the items back himself."

Now, I hate when customers do this. Usually when they don't want their purchase I will tell them I'll put the items back. Why? Because some of them steal the items that they can't afford to pay for.

So my coworker started watching him put the items back on the little monitor we have up front. The customer put whatever he bought back in the cooler and leaves the store. Shortly after that, my coworker walks from behind the register saying "He didn't put the nail clippers back," and she follows him out the door.

So I figured she'd go confront him, that's what I usually do unless they scare the hell out of me. This was a guy about 25 years old. I would have went out and said something to him.

My coworker is gone for about ten seconds when she comes back in and yells out a license plate to me. Now, we train them to get the license plate of people that steal or drive off with gas, but I'm thinking "Really? I'm not calling the cops to chase after a guy for $1.49."

So I go outside instead. In my hand I had a piece of paper where I had written down his license plate when she yelled it out to me.

I stop him while he's pulling out of his parking spot. He rolls down his window.

"Where are the nail clippers?" I ask.

"I put them back."

"I don't see them. Where did you put them?"

"I put them where they belong," he says, slightly agitated.

"No you didn't, you just put back the Red Bull. You didn't go anywhere near the other shelves. Did you put them in your pocket?"

"No!" he yells. "I put them somewhere, I just threw them on a shelf!" He was getting really pissed.

"Fine," I said. "If I can't find them I'm giving your license plate number to the police," I said and stormed inside.

I hadn't wanted to press the issue too far because

A) They were just nail clippers and

B) I hadn't yet checked out the security video and was just going on the word of my coworker, which can sometimes be wrong.

But, I don't care that he had just stolen something that was only $1.49, it's the point that I don't want this fuckface in my store because if he steals something small the first time and gets away with it, he'll steal more each time he comes in.

So I went back inside and about an hour later looked up the security video. Sure enough, he put back his Red Bulls in the cooler and you could see him stick something in his pocket, which could only have been the nail clippers.

Naturally, I wasn't going to call the cops for $1.49 so I just decided we had to let it go.

I was doing paperwork in the back room about an hour later when my coworker called me up front. There she was, ringing up the thief that had stolen the nail clippers. She was ringing him up for a pair of NAIL CLIPPERS!

"He said he forgot that they were in his pocket," my coworker said.

I looked at him and he smiled at me sheepishly. "You forgot that you put them in your pocket? Even after I asked you about them in your car?"

"Yeah," he said. "I'm embarrassed. I forgot they were in there." Then he smiled at me while his face turned red.

So I told him that he wasn't allowed in the store anymore and that I didn't want any thieves around here. He agreed, paid for the nail clippers and left.

That's probably a first that someone has come back to pay for something they stole after being confronted about it. It probably scared him that I had his license plate number.

Does this mean that there's more to come? The Dreaded Church Carnival is less than a month away!

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