Sunday, January 20, 2013

Donation Jars Are Not Your Personal ATM

A few days ago I saw this story in the news about a guy that stole a donation jar at a convenience store. The jar was there to help out a 2 year old boy with stage 4 cancer.

Seriously. What kind of scum steals a donation jar?

I had glanced at the story when I first read it and tried finding it tonight to post here, so I had Googled something like 'guy stealing donation jar' thinking this story would pop up.

But no, apparently there are tons of other people that steal donation jars.

I'm not surprised, though. We used to have donation jars at our registers, but it got too risky with all the shady people coming in all the time. So we quit doing it just because it would suck if it got stolen. I mean, customers steal everything else off of our counters, why not those, right?

Anyways, they apparently have identified the man that took the donation jar and he's wanted for taking them from other stores, too! People can be such assholes...


  1. That used to happen at our bookstore, too. It was a very sad day when we finally had to admit that they had to be removed from the front counters. Some people really do totally and completely suck.

  2. There's a special place in hell for these people. Like, a kind of hell where they want to buy something and think they can with the jar they stole, but they keep coming up one penny short and cant' get it.



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