Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Jailbirds and Marijuana

We go through employees fairly quickly. It's a gas station, and there's a lot of turnover with people.

No big deal, we're used to it and used to the pains of training new hires.

We hired this new girl a few weeks ago. She's a manager at another store, so we figured she'd be pretty good. And she was.

She caught on pretty quickly, but always seemed out of it when I was around her.

I trained her on her first day and noticed the faint smell of marijuana on her. At first I thought it was a customer, but when the smell lingered around after an hour, I took a wild guess.

Then I started to notice how really out of it she was. Her eyes were red, she took awhile to turn her head when her name was called, and she generally didn't look like she gave a shit about anything.

She works the night shift at her other job, so while everyone else just thought she was tired from that job, I figured that she was just high.

Anyways, whatever. Over 60% of our customers come in smelling like it, and I was going to say something to her about it the next time I smelled it on her.

If there was a next time. She was supposed to show up at work on Saturday but never did. So I assumed that she ended up not liking it and decided to quit.

Well, today (Wednesday) the phone rings and it's her. She tells me that she's been in jail since she got out of her shift on Saturday and didn't get out until now. She apologized for missing work and was wondering when she could come back in for another shift.


I didn't ask why she was in jail, because really I don't care. As far as I'm concerned, she was a no call no show, during TRAINING, which automatically ruins it for you.

I mean come on, she could've used her one phone call in jail to call us, right?


  1. oh my that sounds like some of the people we have at work. Not so much the marijuana but the no call no show and then think they can just come waltzing back to work. It's so hard to find good help these days.

  2. @ my last job… a lot of ppl were high & they really thought that no one could smell it, see their eyes, or they mistakes they made… JUST AWFUL. If you want to do that, IDC, but when your mistakes are affecting MY job, we have a problem.

    At least this girl was honest about being a jailbird? LOL!

  3. Oh for crying out loud have ppl not heard of Eye drops, Febreze and coffee? I would think that would be a cure all for the side effects of the pot. As for going to jail and attempting to come back...that just takes balls and a bit of idiocracy. Ya can't blame the girl for trying!

  4. Haha, oh dear. That's kind of sad.



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