Friday, October 7, 2011

Reporting the Wrong People

The other day we got a phone call from the police department and they wanted to speak to my dad, the owner.

So he gets on the phone and is told that a "concerned citizen" called the police to inform them that we are selling alcohol to drunk people.

The police didn't give many details, but asked if we sold alcohol to a guy driving a white car.

My dad looked it up on the security cameras and sure enough, a guy with a white car came into the store and bought stuff. But he wasn't drunk. And he didn't buy beer.

The guy with the white car has some kind of disease where he walks hunched over and wobbles around a lot. I'm not sure what he has, but he's a nice guy and I've helped him out before when his credit card wasn't working. He only comes in to buy a 25 cent Little Debbie snack cake and cigars. He's never bought alcohol from us. I'm actually not sure myself how he's even allowed to drive, but whatever.

So apparently this "concerned citizen" thought he was drunk and that we were selling him more alcohol because all he saw was the guy wobble outside to his car carrying a white plastic bag.

So this "concerned citizen" decided to call the police and report US, but failed to get the license plate number of this potentially drunk person he saw driving.

My dad called the police department back. He was pissed off because they had been accusing him of selling beer to a drunk person, instead of actually asking questions and finding out exactly what happened.

He told the police the situation with this guy and they ended up apologizing to him for accusing him.

Still. This pisses me off. Why did this "concerned citizen" report us to the police? I'm sure there's some law where we get in trouble for selling alcohol to a drunk person, but why didn't this concerned asshole report the "drunk guy"???

We could see this "concerned citizen" on the security tapes, but none of us recognized him and have never seen him in the store before.

Seriously, if you're going to call the police on someone, start with the DRUNK PERSON first!

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  1. Finally I find you how you have managed to keep this job.

    The owner is daddy.



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