Thursday, October 20, 2011

Taking Something That Isn't Yours

We have a dumpster area that is enclosed in a fence. We have the dumpster out there, but we also store other things like shelving, signs and other stuff. Sometimes we will occasionally stick things like propane tanks back there if we don't have room in our propane cage.

The other day, a customer wanted to drop off a propane tank and was going to come back later to pick it up. I think he thought he could bring a propane tank to our store and get money for it, but we don't just give money for propane tanks, so he left it there and was going to pick it up the next day or so. So we stuck it outside in our enclosed dumpster area.

Well the other night, our night shift guy was going around and emptying all the trash from the garbage cans. He left our gate back there wide open, which normally wouldn't be a problem because he's in and out of that and then when he's done he locks it back up.

Well while he was going inside to get a new garbage bag for the trash can, one of our regular customers went in the dumpster area, picked up the propane tank, stuck it in his car and left.

I swear we can't leave ANYTHING unattended around here or else some dumbass will walk away with it.

So, now we are waiting for this customer to come back in sometime this week so we can nail him. I would personally love to be the one to do it, but I am off the next two days. However, if he doesn't come in during those two days, he's all mine over the weekend.

And now we wait. Which sucks, but we have no idea what this customer's name is. All we know about him is that he's extremely annoying and is always trying to get his son a job at my store. Why, so he can have his son rob us blind? I don't think so.

I'll let you know when this dickface comes back in. I just hope I'm the one that gets to yell at him about it. I seriously live for this stuff.


  1. Lock your shit up! Sucks you have to do that

  2. If it ain't tied down they will take it! Lol, I have the same problem at my store, but usually it's the strangest things in the world. I had one lady take the top of one of our displays (still in use mind you) and try to go out the door.
    "I didn't think you needed it!" she says.
    Manager: Ma'am, you ruined our display....



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