Thursday, July 26, 2012

Tell Me What You REALLY Think...

I received this comment the other day on my "Little Things I Do to Get My Revenge" post. 

Anonymous said...

    I am sure you enjoy little acts of revenge, but at the end of the day the real issue is that you are working in a convenience store. Maybe you should get some more education and seek more satisfying employment elsewhere.

Why does everyone assume that someone working in a convenience store has little to no education? Times are tough out there and not many people are hiring for any type of job. When we DO hire, we get applications where there are WAY too many people with years and years of professional experience in their field, yet they just can't seem to make ends meet and are looking for a second job to help out with some of the bills.

Also, wouldn't working in a convenience store be better than some of these assholes that don't have a job at all? There are people that live off the government or scam them, yet it's okay because at least they aren't working in a convenience store? So it would be okay if I sat on the side of the road scratching my crotch all day instead of working in a *gasp* convenience store?

Don't assume anything about anyone, Anonymous. Where a person works should not matter who they are or what you may think of them. But it seems that you like to judge people on what type of job they have.

I graduated from college 10 years ago. (jesus, has it been that long?)

I am a published author with my second book coming out next month.

I happen to work where I do because it is my family's business. Sure, some customers suck, but I like working with my family. And not all customers are bad. Like I said, they've been behaving themselves lately so I've been extremely bored at work.

Why do I write this blog? Because there are a lot of people that can relate to what I go through with customers and they like to read about it.

So Anonymous, don't assume someone needs more education or that they need to find more life fulfilling work just because they work at a convenience store. Everyone has to work and not everyone likes their jobs but they do it anyways. It's called "Work" for a reason. That's why people say they hate getting up for "Work" and not that they hate getting up for "Fun"!



  1. Comments like that really irk me. Until someone invents a convenience store that's operated by robots or something equally far-fetched, some people will have to WORK there so that other people can fill up their cars with gas and buy a few quick sundry items. Even if you decided not to work at the convenience store anymore, someone else would be hired in your place. Instead of consoling themselves with the idea that employees have these jobs as some kind of punishment for being "uneducated," people should just be grateful that someone puts up with customers like them day after day.

  2. Irks me as well. For nearly 30 years I worked fulltime in offices. Then I lost my last f/t position (company later went bankrupt). For 2 years tried finding f/t employment in an office - no luck (seems they want to hire those under a certain age). Out of necessity, as I'm a single parent, I had to accept p/t employment at a major retailer as a cashier. It pays the bills --- but just barely. Money is an issue for getting more education or changing fields. I keep trying for f/t office employment with no luck. So thankful that I do have this position, even if it's not what I want to be doing. I work with some people who have been cashiers for years -- they are happy doing it, for whatever reason. Someone has to do it. And it isn't just the uneducated or under educated.

  3. Great response to "Anonymous," who wasn't bold enough to use his/her real name.

    My husband lost his good paying job several months ago and took a job at a convenience store, graveyard shift. He now has a second job in a different field. In his case, neither are permanent jobs, but any job is better than no job. Does he talk about all the nut jobs at work? Of course! Since he started at this job, I fully believe each and every story I've read here. haha.

  4. Anonymous (the original one) is talking ignorant nonsense. I can't speak for the US, but over here (in the UK) I have worked in callcentres and other low-paid work and there are more degree qualified people in some of those places than in many other places of work. There simply aren't the well-paid graduate jobs available for everyone any more. People do the work because they have the decency not to sit on their arses all day moaning about it. It's a very very tough employment situation here now. I used to work in the Job Centre and it was quite normal to receive 200 applications for jobs paying 12-13K / year.

    So Anonymous (such bravery, hiding behind the internet when criticising others), I suggest you try to open your mind a little and get a bit more experience of the real world before you go around being superior about people who are paying the taxes from which you no doubt benefit.

  5. Some time back I saw a movie Boca Raton. In this movie Diane Cannon's character falls for Michael Nouri's character and he leads her to believe that he is this big real estate guy worth a fortune.

    One day, visiting her friend, Diane spots Michael who is doing work on her friend's home. He is getting rid of termites. Michael doesn't have, in other words, that high powered job he pretended to have, he works instead for an exterminating company.

    The scene in which Michael and Diane spot each other and she learns the truth is very uncomfortable to watch because its clear that the poor guy is so embarrassed that Diane has learned the truth.

    And after that movie I started wondering what was so embarrassing and cringe producing about that scene? And I realized it wasn't Michael's job. It was that he wasn't straight forward at the beginning about his job and by hedging the truth he was conveying that he was ashamed of who he was.

    Think for a moment if Michael had said when asked what he did for a living "I work at an exterminating company. We get rid of termites and other bugs that could be ruining people's houses". What's wrong with that? And if Diane Cannon's character had a problem with it well its her loss. No one should be ashamed of having a job and doing hard work.

    As for myself I work as a cashier. Lost my office job that I had for 26 years in August 2011. I have been at my current cashier job working overnight at a superstore for 9 months and though I have gripes about the hours I know that in this economy I am lucky to have a job.

    Love your blog by the way.

  6. You tell Anonymous to never assume anything about anyone yet you and some other rude cashiers are judgemental as hell and try to act like you have every right to be.

    So why not try to be such a rude person to people YOU don't know either? Have seen this type of attitude from cashiers and they have no right to judge people that just walks up instantly pegging their life and even choices of items bought at the store.

    You are not some superior judge you are a cashier.

    Get it right.

    Please spare me the whole you aren't like that considering alot of your comments mention how you get revenge on customers who just aren't responding in the way you see fit meanwhile you're mashing up their bread, mixing meat in with their other groceries etc..

    Revenge on someone YOU just met yet you have the audacity to tell people never assume anything. Sorry but cashiers like you need to quit or be fired.

    This further proves personality tests, unless of course you didn't have to go through that, are useless.

    Cashiers don't always have a good reason to be rude to a customer and sometimes take their frustration or make rude judgmental remarks over something another customer did or another store employee.

    How about instead of pretending it's all because some customer who spends 2-3 minutes even less depending on items somehow just rubbed you the wrong way.

    A customer doesn't want to have small talk? That isn't being rude and it doesn't give the cashier the right to get even. That is an assumption a cashier is making as though they have any knowledge of the person they are judging.

    PEOPLE ARE NOT SOMETHING YOU SCAN ON YOUR MACHINE AND CAN INSTANTLY READ. Maybe that is what cashiers are thinking since they've been auto-piloting through their jobs and start to see customers in this quick to judge manner.

    Just because you are a cashier doesn't mean you also are not a customer and if you as a customer were treated the same way you treat your customers you'd probably not like it. OR WOULD YOU?

  7. I think you may have read someing into this persons comment that he/she didn't say.

    This person did not say you have no education, they said maybe you could get more. Some education that would allow you to get a job would might like better.

    It's not too hard for a reader to assume you don't like you job but if you do then just ignore the comment.

    I think most people would like a job where they could do as they please and daddy won't fire them.



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