Friday, October 12, 2012

Quitting Employees

My coworkers seem to be dropping like flies lately.

We just had two people quit and another one has walking pneumonia. As for the two that quit, neither of them gave their two weeks notice. I understand that it's a gas station and we see a lot of turnover, but still. Act like a fucking adult and give us time to find someone else to replace your lazy ass. One of them, who is about 45 years old, said she couldn't live off of what she was making at our store. Yet, that didn't seem to bother her when she was told what she was going to start at. Maybe it's the fact that she buys two cases of beer every night as well as a carton of cigarettes every two days. Could that be why she can't afford to live off of what she makes?

We figure that she's a job hopper, and just goes from job to job because she gets bored. Nice example to set for her kids.

The other one that quit was the one that had her car stolen in our parking lot about a month ago. She said that she had a family emergency and couldn't work for us anymore. This one was about to get fired anyways because she had been doing absolutely nothing for the past few weeks.

I think she was wanting us to fire her so she didn't have to quit.

I'll never understand why people do this. I have seen it so many times over the years. People will just stop working once they show up for their shifts. It's always obvious that they are about to quit. Why not just quit and get it over with? It's not like these assholes give two weeks notice, they just stop doing anything for two weeks and finally call a few minutes before their shift and quit.

All I hear all the time are people bitching about how they need more hours because they need the money. The ones that complain the loudest about this are the ones that are always the first to go once we give them the hours they want.

I don't know, I'm just sick of people again I guess.

And now that the holidays are coming up, customers are going to be shitfaces to us too. Happy holidays to me!


  1. The other day at work I had a sweeeet sweet moment of justice that made me think of you. I am a cashier at a grocery store that is right off of an interstate, so we get all kinds of jerks passing through. (Not to mention the group of local ones.) Well, I had this guy that was huffy and rude from the get go, but I figured whatever, just ring him up and send him on his way. He bought a fairly large bottle of alcohol, a couple singles of beer and a sandwich. Now I don't know about you, but I hate it when someone bags everything heavy together and the bags break on the way to the car. So I thought I'd be nice and do the smart thing and bag his stuff in two plastic bags. After giving him his change and receipt he looked down at the two bags and scowled at me. With a big huff he reached across my counter and into my bag holder to pull out one paper bag. (Am I the only one that feels my space is being invaded when people reach over and do this?) He stuffed everything into the one bag and stomped off. By this time I was already talking to the nice regular that was next in line. I figured the day would roll on as normal, but the clouds parted and light came shining down as I heard the glorious sound of paper tearing and glass shattering. I turned around to see the man standing dumbfounded over torn paper and plastic and broken glass in a puddle of booze. It took everything I had not to laugh, but I absolutely could not contain my grin. The regular I was currently helping stifled giggles because she saw how rude the guy was. The guy eventually came back through my line with a new bottle and a sheepish look, and he was as polite as could be. Lesson learned, I guess. I feel a little horrible about how damn good this made me feel though. :P I think only other cashiers and customer service people can truly understand it. This really can be a thankless job, and to have something like that happen instead of a jerk leaving and being an asshole everywhere without a second thought because nothing stops them is just... awesome.
    On a side note, I have also noticed the people that complain the most about not having enough hours and money are the ones that suck at their job and constantly ask to go home early or call in sick when they obviously are not. What's up with that? I guess that gives me more hours and money, so thanks, I guess.

  2. Just like you, we always knew when someone was going to quit by a further decrease in their productivity, something which some of them never really had, but sometimes you just do not have any choice and have to hire whomever will take the job.

    Good luck with the new batch of nonsense. Sometimes you just have to settle for having a warm body in place. I am so grateful that I no longer have to deal with any of that.

  3. No, Teri, you're not the only one that feels your space is being invaded. It happens where I work, too. Our bag holders used to be side-by-side so that you could have 2 going at the same time (we know how well people place things on the belts to be packed, putting frozen food, then household cleaners, more frozen food, then canned get the picture) and you never had to worry about the customer taking one off because they couldn't reach them. But now that our bag holders are on the side, I'll slide 2-3 bags over and open them to pack more than one at a time if I can. However, you don't know how many times there is still room in the first bag and customers will reach over and slide it off the rack and place it in their carts. I wasn't done with it! Just like the bigger bags...I'll start one, but I can see further on the belt there are a few things that can be placed in the same bag, but because it's sitting there, the customer just takes it. Got an annoyed look from a customer once when I said I wasn't finished packing that bag yet. Ugh!

    Working for a larger retailer, we see turnover all the time. Some are nice and give their notice, others (usually the younger ones) don't. They often just don't bother to show up for their shifts, or they call in one day and just quit. Can affect us at the front end, however, at least when they do that, others can pick up extra hours as now those shifts are available. Just causes a problem when they are the least desirable shifts that others don't want (like the dreaded 7pm to 11pm shift).

  4. We don't get quitters at my store too terribly often. We get people who do something stupid enough that get fired along with a police escort.
    In the past 6 months we've been through 6 employees. Granted 2 of those quit of their own free will. And will help out if we call them up. But...
    One was a no call no show, then tried to bargain his way into the position by keeping the key. Didn't think he'd be stupid enough to try it out tho. But he was (heroins a helluva drug) willing to sacrifice his friends freedom for smokes. The guy knew wed recognize him, so he sent in his buddy, dressed in his clothes. Apparently he still has the same shoes, and all that jazz. Had an elaborate scheme to disarm the alarm get money from the safe and registers and leave with cartons and cartons of smokes. But... The kid panicked and only got 4 cartons. They hadn't had them for more than 10 hours when they were arrested and the stolen property was brought back to us. We were down two packs after that.

    The next one could never get a handle on the tills. She showed up about an hour late for her shift. And we just left and didn't think anything of it. One of my co workers went in an hour before we were supposed to close and the place was a wreck. Money everywhere, receipts all over the counter, plastic bags covering the floor. It was a real shit show. Turns out she brought in a water bottle and was just drinking straight vodka. And was totally hammered.

    The next one was the scariest thing I had seen someone do. The two employees don't get along. They don't trust each other, and just flat out don't like each other. Turns out our homeless employee came in in a grouchy mood, saw the keyboard for the cash register on the counter and snapped. The keyboard is used to change our fuel prices. He snapped started yelling at her saying she was worthless, a stupid bitch, and on and on. So she grabbed the phone and called our manager (who left to get money from the bank) to hurry back. Cause he was freaking out. When she walked outside he started throwing pens at her and then followed her out still screaming at her. The store is full of customers, and vendors. So being im kind of the assistant there I get called and have to make sure that nothing else fishy goes on. Hours go by. The police come for my managers safety, and she tells him that he's done. And he's shocked, cause we didn't fire the girl he attacked! He's never thrown anything at anyone in his LIFE! So that's how he went down.

    The last one, was the one that got attacked. Her husband and her got into a fight at a community barbecue, and she decided to take a few of his pills and trip out. They're on food stamps government housing what have you. She comes in and its obvious she's tripping balls (she wasn't scheduled to work for a couple days, cause she was sick) on these things. Buys like $70 worth of crap for her and her kids. Leaves and I don't see her again for the night. The next day my manager sends me a text with the ladies mug shot in the city jail for "possession of prescription, and retail theft" she apparently stole some stuff from the Walgreens next to us. So this freaks my manager out, so she calls her in and tells her that it wasn't going to work out. Which her schedule did conflict. She was working 3 hours in the morning id work for 9 hours then shed come in and finish out the last 3. Her husband didn't want her working nights, cause guys were hitting on her and that was a big no no I guess... So she would have been working 3 hours a day. We can't work with that.

    So with my novel over... Buck up, cause it could be a lot worse for ya.



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