Saturday, November 24, 2012

Customers Stealing Employees

Hope everyone had a good Thanksgiving!

As usual, pretty much every customer told us how much it sucked that we had to work on Thanksgiving. As if we didn't already know!

One of the customers even got kicked out of the store, but he deserved it in my opinion.

If there's one thing I hate, it's people that try to steal our employees and get them to work for them instead. There's this guy that's been coming in for about 3 months now and when he first came in, he zeroed in on one of our new hires and would bring her applications all the time to various other stores. I don't even think he worked at any of those stores, he just thought he would help her out I guess.  Well now that girl doesn't work for us anymore. I have no idea if she went to work for this guy or not. All I know is that she gave us a ten-minute notice that she was quitting.

Now this guy has been coming in and chatting it up with our night shift girl. As people that run 24-hour businesses know, it is extremely difficult to find good help for night shift. They have to be trustworthy and show up on time. We've had the same night shift girl for about 15 or 20 years now. She's reliable and doesn't steal shit from us. Good enough for me. Well now this asshole customer has been trying to get her to go somewhere else.

So today he was told not to come in the store anymore. When he asked why, it was explained to him that he needs to leave our employees alone and to stop getting them to work somewhere else.

He replied angrily that he worked in construction now anyways and that he didn't need them.

The other part of this is that he's pretty creepy and always stares inappropriately at the girls that work there.

So hopefully this dickhead will stay out of the store. I hate losing employees to customers. We've lost some pretty good ones over the years.


  1. You know, we had a regular customer who has been coming to our store for years who recently tried to steal one of our employees! They're overnight shift and, like you said, that's a hard shift to replace trustworthy people with!

    Also, any updates on when your book will be finished?

  2. I'm working on it as we speak. Right now looking for an editor - one that won't charge me a month's worth of paychecks! :-)

  3. You could just pay better wages to keep your best employees from quitting. It's a free market, isn't it? XD

  4. We pay better wages to the ones that work the overnight shifts and also to employees that act as managers on other shifts. Once we find one we like, we make sure to keep them.

  5. I have never heard of this. I wonder if there is something about your store that makes it ripe for this type of thing. Low pay? Poor working conditions? Dislikeable co-workers?

    I wonder.



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