Thursday, November 1, 2012

Hurricane Business

So the past few days we've been getting extremely bad weather here - remnants of Hurricane Sandy. Or Superstorm Sandy, as they called it here.

Normally most people would stay in and ride out the storm, but not our customers.

It was extremely important for our old customers to come out in their huge cars that they can't see out of just to get the newspaper. They risked their lives and other people's lives just for a 75 cent newspaper. But that's no surprise I guess since they come out in snowstorms to read the freaking paper.

We also had people calling us - our phones worked but our power was out - and asking us if our lottery machines were working. Seriously? These people were concerned about playing their lottery numbers than worrying about whether or not the roof was going to rip off of their house!

The one thing that shocked me, though, was that we sold out of batteries. And condoms. Batteries and condoms! I get the batteries for flash lights and stuff (or maybe vibrators), but condoms?

I guess when the power is out there really is nothing else do to.


  1. At least they were smart enough to use protection.

    Wouldn't want any of those "wonderful" customers having babies.

    I wonder how many babies will be born next August/September.

  2. Where I work, sold alot of batteries and flashlights. Can't say I saw any condoms going through the tills!

  3. the local TV here in Indonesia also showed and reported (almost all day) about how bad NY was damaged bcoz of the storm :( hurricane like that was just scary.




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