Monday, February 11, 2013

Pumping Gas 101

There are right ways and wrong ways to pump gas. Working at my store for twenty years, I've seen it all.

This is the right way to pump gas:

And so is this:


Even this is correct:

 But what do I see a lot of the time? This:

And this: 

Seriously. Don't do that. You look like a fucking asshole and when we see you do this we are all inside the store laughing at you. Even the customers are laughing at you.

I also see this a lot:

And this:

When you do this:

 It usually results into this:

And when you do this:

It will probably turn into this:
  And this: 



  1. I am a mere gasoline consumer, and I cannot remember how many times I have suggested to fellow pumpers that whilst smoking outside might be great for the atmosphere inside his/her vehicle, it is not supportive of getting on with the rest of your day if you do it whilst pumping.

    Of course, this is done with all due observation of the miscreant and super-duper politeness, as to not invite weapon use into the mix.

    So, using a cell phone is as dangerous as the signs on the pumps say? Good to know.

  2. At Costco their hoses are made for filling on the wrong side. Have you ever been to a Costco. The lines are LONG. At a regular filling station it's a no-no. Yes, the world if full of idiots.

    Have a fabulous day. :)

  3. Yeah some of the hoses over here (UK) are made extra long for the times when you can't get a pump on the correct side, however I always prefer to wait in line for one to become available on my side :)

    That first picture of the car on fire? They show that video clip over here in our Fire Awareness Training.

  4. Hi from a fellow servo chick, well don't you just know they do it over there as well!. You forgot the pic of parents letting kids stand next to the inlet, just the right height beathing in the fumes as Daddy fills up, usually I would do the Did you know speech. and mommy letting the underaged kids fill the gas up. I got abused many a time for stopping the pump from the console while idiot is on the phone, usually he notices after 10 mins, turns and tired to get my attention. eventually he storms into the shop. I give a rat's aas NO it the safety of my other customers that was more important. Even now as a customer I would think nothing of confronting a fellow customer or even stopping their pump by pressing down the lever. That was a brilliant post!!

  5. Totally off the subject but wondered if you were concered that if you publish a book on your experiences that it will damage your fathers business?

    I know I would not shop at a store where I knew you worked.

    1. News flash, asshole -- YOU are what's wrong with this equation, not the cashier. People expect to be fawned all over like fucking royalty, while acting like a bratty little douchebag. The customer is NO LONGER always right, so go change your tampon and STFU.

  6. Jeez, I love reading your blog it makes my job of being a grocery cashier a walk in the park.

    Though I had a funny experience. We are a rounding up/down our amounts because of the penny. So one day I go to give the lady $2 minus 2 cents (because of the rounding) and then she accuses me and the store of stealing and I try to explain but she keeps on going on and on about me stealing until I break down and give her the two cents and she walks off happy as a dog who just finished peeing on the pole.

    There you go there something to laugh about and remember.

  7. Oh how I have missed reading this blog. I have watched someone pull off with the nozzle still in their car. It was funny for about 30 seconds. I have never understood the folks smoking while pumping. I just get back into my car and speed away.

    Peace, Love and Chocolate,



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