Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Ringing Up Killers

I get a lot of emails from people working in retail that have their own stories to tell.

I love getting these emails because it lets me know that people are assholes all over the world, not just near me.

One reader, David, shared this interesting story with me:

"There was a man who pulled up outside one Monday evening and went nuts and started kicking his truck and cursing for about 10 minutes. I was off the next 2 days. When I came back on Thursday, tons of cops cars, helicopters and canine units were all over the place looking for this guy. It turns out, he had killed a man, wrapped him in a blanket, stuck him under his house and tried to burn everything. It didn't work. They estimated that he killed the man about 5:00pm on Monday, just a couple of hours before he went crazy in the parking lot."

This got me thinking. What if a customer in my store had just killed someone right before they came in to buy cigarettes or something? What if that dead body was currently in their car in our parking lot?

What if I told a killer to "Have a nice day," after he just got done chopping a person to pieces in order to hide the body? What if he smiled at me and thought about killing me, too, and eating me for dinner?

Thanks for the story, David. The next time a customer yells at me for not letting them use the bathroom, I'm going to assume they just killed someone and now needed to shit their pants.

Has anyone else ever rang up a murderer before? Or someone you suspected was one? Did they buy someone murder-y? Like duct tape, trash bags and cigarettes?


  1. The world has gone completely nuts. Nuts I tell you.

    Have a terrific day and stay safe. ☺

  2. When I was working in a a bar, we had this one regular. He was a quiet, retiring sort - not the chattiest thing alive. He was at our bar without fail each Friday & Sunday, until one night he just didn't show up.

    A couple of months after that, I was reading a magazine article about a young guy who'd had a small gathering at his house on a Friday night, one of the girls present being a girl who was mentally disabled; a child in her head, grownup in body. All the other people present had got her drunk, then two males had punched her unconscious, raped her, stabbed her & cut her up. They'd then shoved her body in a cupboard, cleaned up & continued partying. At their regular hangout. On a Friday night.

    The paper had printed a nice, big picture of our regular customer.

    I have to say, it freaked me out, and I refused to walk home for a while after. Just because you never know who you're dealing with. That quiet guy in the corner might've just done something despicable...

    1. Jesus, I'd be afraid to walk alone, too. And I thought it was bad seeing customer's pictures in the obituaries. If I saw one as a story like that I'd probably quit.

  3. We have a customer who is mentally unstable and stabbed his father to death years ago. He takes medicine now so they let him out in public but I always hate when he comes in because he is so creepy(I work night shift alone).



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