Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Sandwich Question

Let's say you were at a convenience store and bought a sandwich.

When you got home you realized the sandwich was moldy (because the package had been opened and you hadn't noticed that in the store).

What would you expect the store to do?


  1. Personally, I'd just toss the sandwich. It wouldn't be worth going back to the store for. Although I'd never buy a sandwich from that store again.

    But, say for some reason, I really wanted that sandwich. I'd take it back, and if the other sammiches looked okay, see if they'd give me another. If they all looked compromised, and I was at the store already, I'd ask for a refund.

  2. I wouldn't go to a store for a sandwich so I wouldn't have that problem. Okay, I'd probably take it back along with the receipt. Things happen and sometimes you don't notice stuff until later.

    Have a terrific day. ☺

  3. Refund or, exchange for another sandwich.

  4. refund the money, I doubt they would want a replacement

  5. I probably wouldn't take it back but I would call the store. Not so much to complain but so they knew and could check to make sure they didn't have any more like it out for sale

  6. I am already home and fixin' to stay there, so I would call the store, let them know what happened to the poor sandwich and tell them that I will be bringing it and the receipt back the next day. That way, when I get there, even if they are busy, it will be a simple matter to get the refund. Just seems like a courtesy.

    When I return to the store I expect to be treated decently, get a full refund and a sincere apology.

    Were I to return with the previous night's telephone call, catch them unawares, it is likely that they could be impatient and not all that nice. It happens in the best of stores.

    That telephone call also allows the store people to check on the rest of the sandwiches to make sure that they are safe to sell.

    However, I have been on the store side of that sort of thing and the chances are more than excellent that the customer came back, breathing fire, unwilling to behave decently or accept even superior customer service and then make a dramatic exit, practically shrieking that they will never come back to such a crappy store. That customer would then proceed to bad-mouth the store to anyone who will listen.

    Unfortunately, that customer will eventually (sooner than later) come back and we learn that even an unintentionally bad sandwich is not enough to make them shop somewhere else.



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