Saturday, May 4, 2013

Not Cool, BP. Not Cool.

Our night shift girl was working the other night and got a phone call at 11pm.


"Yeah, I got $10 worth of gas there today and my credit card was charged $70. Why is that?"

"I'm not sure, you'll have to come in while the manager is here."

"So you don't know why my card was charged then?"

"No, sorry. I'm just the night girl. I don't work in the daytime."

"I want to know why I was charged $70. You're going to tell me ad fix it. See you in 10 minutes."

And with that he hung up on her.

She spent the rest of the night scared that some crazy guy was going to come in and harm her.

In the morning, I told her she should have called the cops. So I decided to look up what happened.

It showed on our caller ID that the call came from the BP gas station about 20 minutes from us. Once I saw this I got pissed and called around until I got the manager.

I explained to her what happened and wanted to know if it was a disgruntled customer really calling us or if some of her employees were fucking around on night shift.

She told me she'd look into it and would call me back.

A few days later, she finally called. And it was just like I expected. Her employees had called our store (as well as many others) because they were bored.

I didn't ask what she planned on doing with them, but i told her that it was hard enough to find people that wanted to work night shift and that we didn't need anyone trying to scare them. Especially people from another gas station.

If any of our employees pulled that, I'm not sure if I'd fire them or not. If they were a good worker but just got bored, I'd make them a list of crappy jobs that need to get done and have them do it. If they were a lazy ass and I knew they weren't going to last long, I'd probably cut their hours and wait for them to just quit.

But in either case, if they ended up making those prank calls again after I told them not to, they'd definitely be fired.

People piss me off sometimes. Do your fucking job instead of scaring other people. We're all in retail, we shouldn't be working against each other!

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