Thursday, February 24, 2011

Clashing Cashiers

I think a fellow cashier at another store hates me. Why? Because she comes in and acts like a shithead just like the rest of the customers.

I started noticing her antics about a few months ago. She's a very nice lady and has told me that she works at the gas station up the street. She comes in and plays lottery. At first I wondered why she didn't just play at her own store, but I figured it's probably because they have rules against employees playing the lottery at their store.

A few weeks ago she came up to the counter during our morning rush. She pulled out about 20 lottery tickets and wanted to replay them, which means we have to scan them one at a time. Previous to coming up to the register, she had been hanging around the coffee counter for about ten minutes. So there I was, scanning her lottery tickets one at a time, while my poor co-worker was left to ring up the fifteen customers waiting in line. I saw this woman look around and notice all the people in the store, but she said nothing. Not even a "Oh, go ahead and take care of these customers first", which is what I would have done.

And before any of you say "But she's a paying customer too!", I've made it pretty clear before that I don't consider lottery customers real customers. Lottery sucks.

Anyways, for the past few weeks I've noticed that she will wait at the coffee counter until it starts to get busy in the store, and then will race up to the register to play her tickets. She does this

Now, since she's a fellow cashier, I don't want to be a bitch to her, but I can only come to the conclusion that she hates me for some reason. Either that or she reads this blog.

Which means that it will now be war. I may be lazy, but I'm not too lazy to go into her store and take up her precious cashiering time. And I'm sure I can be WAY more obnoxious than she is. I was born to annoy.

I'll first have to find out exactly which store she works at. Once I find that out, it's on. I'll just have to get some supplies together, some of which include a wrench and a midget blow-up doll.


  1. Shit! They have midget blow-up dolls? Point the way!

  2. Ooh, a DUEL!!! *rubs hands together and cackles with evil glee* Can you pretty please have some kind of recoriding device on your person when you do this, so as to capture the awesomeness on video for schadenfreude enthusiasts such as myself? ;) You complete me!

    (LOL Sorry, couldn't resist that last was too funny to leave out.) ;P

  3. DO. IT. Cashier warfare. NO. GAS STATION warfare. I've got 5 gas stations in one small town, and two of them duke it out all the time.

  4. oh yes its fun when other c-store cashiers come in my store too.You are most likely correct about the lottery. most big wig c-store chains do not allow employees to buy lottery even when off the clock.So a lot of lotto customers in here all the time. Usually if the have several several tickets some of them will stand to the side a bit where i can multitask. I can scan her tickets in and single handedly ring up the customer that is on his way to WORK just needing to get his coffee and cigarettes and get the heck on out the road.

    On another note. There is some customers that will buy a dozen of the 1 dollar scratchers and scratch them off right at the counter. If we are hella slow, and they don't quite understand what they need to match up to win. i will help them and just let em scratch em. but sometimes they(other ones) will keep scratching them there when theres a customer or 2 behind them. Ill kindly say sir/maam, could you please scratch them over there
    ( its on the same friggen counter just 2 feet to the right)
    so i can get the other customers.Very few will ever move, some will ignore me, others will say I was in line first!... thats when i will break my own personal pet peeve and ring the customers up to the other side of the register where i have to stretch and reach just to get their money.

  5. Oh hell yeah. I see many future blog posts as a result of this cashier warfare.

  6. Saying "Ooops the lottery machine is down" while hitting the 'log-out' button is an excellent trick to make lottery slobs wait till the rush is over or leave, in my opinion. That women needs to fill out play cards



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