Monday, February 7, 2011

Happy Birthday to Me

Don't hate me but I'm going on vacation this week. Hey, I need a break from the customers too, you know.

So while I'm relaxing in the sun, I will definitely not be thinking of the crappy people that come into my store.

However, I just realized the other day that Confessions of a Cashier is now one year old. So in honor of this, I'm going to highlight some of my favorites posts throughout the year:

This jerk decided he could take a pee wherever he wanted to.

Or you can check out Little Things I Do to Get My Revenge when someone pisses me off.

You can also read about why binoculars are the best invention ever.

There was also the mysterious man that smelled like death.

Or you can check out my observations on spit.

Adventures from the yearly carnival we have around here.

Read about the consequences of changing the gas prices.

I'll be back next week, I promise! Unless I'm in jail. In that case I may be posting from the prison library while sitting next to my new girlfriend named Scab.


  1. Happy Birthday! You'll be missed but you definitely deserve time away from the morons! Enjoy yourself ... :)

  2. Enjoy your time off and Happy Blogiversary!!!!

  3. Just dropping by to let you know I love reading your posts. I added a link to your page from my Blog.


  4. Happy birthday girly! Enjoy your vacation!

  5. Happy birthday! Enjoy yourself and consider doing to some other cashier all the things your rotten customers do to you.

  6. Haha I still think you could make a sitcom with this arsenal of stories you have. Forget Clerks....this site makes me laugh more.

  7. Actually, I think your customers probably need a break from you even more.

  8. Enjoy your vacation. When you come back, there's something for you on my blog - look for "It's all about stylish me."

  9. Uh oh, looks like SOMEONE is wearing their bitch pants. *ahemAMYahem* Methinks they need to go change their tampon, and STFU.



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