Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Dating the Customers

Back when I was a hot single cashier, I would get asked out a lot by customers. Of course it was flattering, but it also got kind of annoying because some men wouldn't take no for an answer. So I invested in a fake engagement ring in order to ward off the weirdos that just wouldn't go away. This worked very well for awhile.

I would like to tell all the newbie cashiers out there that are looking for romance through customers; don't do it. It is rare (at least in my store) that you will find anyone good to date. While I'm sure a successful hook-up HAS happened, it is a rare occurrence and is often regarded as an urban legend.

The worst part about dating a customer is that when the break-up happens, it is awkward city when they still come into the store as a customer. It is even worse when they come in and you have to ring them up for condoms.

I don't get some people. If I broke up with someone, I would stay as far away as possible from where they worked. I would want nothing to do with them. I certainly wouldn't go into their store everyday like nothing happened and expect to go back to the way things were before.

It makes me cringe every time I see someone I went out with walk through the door. And then when they want to make small talk? I just want to scream 'GO AWAY!' But instead I end up overcharging them on purpose.

I always warn my co-workers not to date customers, but they never listen to me. We get a lot of creeps in my store disguised as nice guys, so sometimes it's kind of hard for them to resist. And when my co-workers DO go out with them and find out how weird they are, they then tell me everything which makes me look at that customer differently. There's a lot of freaks out there.

Customers: Don't ever date a cashier because your whole relationship will be told to everyone they work with and also possibly other customers. We have nothing to do but gossip in our spare time.


  1. Oh my gah, I HATE it when customers come in and start flirting with you and crap. One guy was so brazen to ask me if I was married. I wanted to be like, "Do you see a ring on my finger, no I'm not married, now leave me alone, you don't stand a chance!" Maybe it was just the way he came off by just randomly blurting it out (not even getting into conversation with me about anything remotely relative to the question, just shoving it out there). Not that it would be any of his business anyway. I have an idea to wear my school ring on my left ring finger in case crap like that should ever happen again.

  2. Well, I met my fiancée through the store I work at. Well, she was a 'friend' of a coworker who came to work with her a few times. Although she also worked at the same kind of convenience store. I don't know if it counts as dating your customer, though...

    ANYWAY! Good to see you back in action! Even if it means you're back to a place you hate!


  3. I don't understand people who you break up with wanting to come back to your workplace like that and act like nothing happened. The ringing up condoms part...yep...been there done that...WEIRD!

    Do like your fake ring idea. Not bad...not bad at all!

  4. Customers = A vaguely intelligent, yet faceless, species whose repeated patronage contributes to my paycheck. Not appealing to date.

    Said customers seem to see me and my coworkers as a type of sentient (sometimes sapient) furniture. I think they're surprised when we display our ability to speak in full, coherent sentences. None would think of asking any of us to date them.

  5. No, I'm not married. But, I've been recently paroled for my stalking incident, and I just got a permit to carry - Would you like to see the inside of my trunk? No? Are you sure? It's nice and dark, perfect for hide and seek. Oh. YOU'RE married? How nice for you!

  6. I have a fake ring that I wear. And it does keep some of the creeps at bay, but unfortunately some of them still keep on coming. It's the old fat smelly ones who just will not stop. Seriously, if you're 50, weigh about 30st and look like you were hit with a shovel then dragged through a hedge backwards, WHY on Earth do you think that you could ever have a chance with me?!


  7. Good to know!

  8. The best way to avoid awkwardness is to make the break-up as clean as possible. For tips on how to make it easier for him and you, check this out:

  9. LOL Before I started living in Lardass City, I used to get hit on ALL THE DAMN TIME! It was hella annoying. But the best one, I have to say, was when I was working at this Shell station in the podunk town where my mom lived, and this redneck would NOT let it go! Just kept pestering me and pestering me, even though I told him repeatedly that I was married. (Which I was.) And lo and behold, just when I was getting ready to lose my cool, who should walk in the door but my hubby?? xD It was tremendous!! The dude started stuttering like a mofo, and couldn't get to his car fast enough. HILARIOUS!!! Perhaps that could be the solution...have someone come in that could be "your husband", and ward off the freaks and geeks of retail hell. LOL!



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