Friday, September 2, 2011

Thief of the Week

Well, this week sure has been the week of thieves.

On Monday we had a regular customer come in. The only thing she buys when she comes in is vodka. The cheap stuff.

So she comes in and goes to grab her vodka then goes towards the back of the store to buy more stuff. We got busy, and then after awhile we noticed that the girl was no longer in the store but that no one remembers ringing her up.

So I go look back on the security tapes, and sure enough she went behind a blind spot and shoved the vodka in her purse and then left.

I thought she had walked to our store, so I got in my car to go and try to find her. Meanwhile my sister was watching the whole thing again on the security cameras.

I couldn't find her, so after 20 minutes I came back to the store. It was then that my sister had told me she'd ridden to the store on her bicycle. A thief on a bicycle. Seriously?

So there wasn't really anything we could do, but we figured she'd be back soon enough. Some days she comes in three or four times to buy the cheap vodka.

Sure enough, she was back very early the next day. This time my sister got her in line.

So my sister rings her up for the vodka she brings to the counter and charges her credit card. She had also ID'd her just so she could get the girl's information to give to the police.

After the card goes through, she has her sign the credit card slip and then takes the vodka off the counter.

"That was for the vodka you stole yesterday," my sister said to the girl.

The girl hung her head. "I'm sorry, my dad's an alcoholic," she said quietly. However, she said this while reeking of alcohol.

"Well you aren't allowed to come back in the store anymore or we are going to have you prosecuted," my sister told her.

The girl didn't say anything, walked out of the store, and sadly rode off into the sunset on her bicycle. Actually, she didn't really ride off into the sunset, she rode across the street to the gas station there and bought her vodka at their store.

We gave her information to the cops, who went and talked to her.

It's sad to see such a young woman already addicted to alcohol. Sad to see anyone become an alcoholic, actually.


  1. Wow that is sad. That cheap liquor will make you an alcoholic.

    Peace, Love and Chocolate,

  2. Sometimes a client will come in reeking, most of the time of beer.

    And, I think, hell, it is nine freaking o'clock in the morning, I am donating my time to you, so maybe you could wait until after we are finished working.

    Except, I know that they cannot wait. Both of my parents were alcoholics and I know that waiting for anything is not high on their list of priorities or abilities.

    Totally freaking sucks.

  3. What boggles my mind is the people that are so desperate for a drink they buy Listerine ! ! !

    Have you ever gargled with that stuff?? Its gross. Let alone using it to get wasted. I guess if you need it . . . . .

  4. Yeah, alcoholism is tough, especially when you see it in young people. Hits too close to home for me.

  5. I see this all the time the wal-mart I work at. People who come in like clock-work buying the same cheap stuff over and over again. The worst is when they buy the huge jugs of wine EVERY SINGLE DAY. I don't know how they drink it, and hopefully I never do.



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