Thursday, November 10, 2011

This Guy Needs A Bubble Bath

We had drama at the store the other day....and as usual, I wasn't there.

This customer came in to buy cigarettes. He looked like he was on something because he was moving around really fast and waving his hands in the air while talking quickly.

He paid by credit card and when he was told to "press credit or debit" on the screen, he continued waving his hands in the air until he finally reached down and touched the correct button.

Naturally this scared my co-worker, so she came in the back to tell my dad about it.

As the customer was walking away, he was swaying and almost fell into our wine rack. As he did this, a customer, who was in the store the whole time, got on his phone and called the cops at the same time my dad got on the phone to call the cops.

By the time the police showed up the man was sitting in his car. They ended up blocking him in with their cars so he couldn't go anywhere.

He was acting loopy with them as well and they asked him what was wrong with him. He said that he had forgotten his medicine at home and needed to take it.

Since it was obvious that he was on something, they ended up searching his car. And what did they find?

A prescription bottle with BATH SALTS in it.

I don't know about any other state, but in Ohio bath salts have been banned because just like everything else, some idiot decided that they got a high from snorting it.

So the cops ended up arresting him and thanking my dad and the customer for the "good bust".

Will people ever learn?


  1. The "bath salts" you a referring to, are a meth-like product which, since they are a designer drug are not illegal (yet) and are labelled as bath salts and sold over the counter in many truck stops, on the internet, etc. Normally they are right next to the K2 or Spice (also legal designer drugs which provide a pot-like high).

  2. Believe me when I say I can relate! I work at a grocery store in Utah and have many funny, disturbing, and maddening things happen to me too. Keep on keeping on. (or something like that)....:)

  3. I live in Maine and bath salts are a huge problem here. They are illegal here, and it's a nightmare in parts of the state.



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