Saturday, December 10, 2011

Tapper Drama

There's a regular customer that is really starting to creep me out.

I've talked about him before, we call him the Tapper.

A few months ago the Tapper's wife died. I didn't really feel bad for him because all he would do was bitch about his wife whenever he came in. After his wife died, he kept coming in and crying to us about it. I think he came in just to get sympathy about it.

Anyways, I had told him I felt bad for him and said I was sorry for his loss. Well apparently he took this as me having some type of interest in him. Ever since then, I've avoided him and now when he comes in he searches around the store for me.

If I happen to be near the deli counter making sandwiches, he will stand over there pretending to look at something. He never goes near the deli unless I'm there.

If I happen to be filling the cooler he will go stand over by the cooler doors and show interest in the gallons of milk for awhile.

This was a guy that used to get his stuff and leave...once his tapping OCD was all finished. Now he lingers.

The one thing he does now that really pisses me off is this: When I see him get out of his car, he will walk over to my car and look inside. He does this every.single.time.

It creeps me out. I want to say something to him, but I don't want to talk to him. I'm tempted to leave a note in my car window that says "Stop looking in my fucking car, you tapping piece of shit."

But I won't. My dad would get pissed and yell at me. I know this because I had written out this exact thing on a big piece of cardboard and was going to put it out there until my dad saw it and ripped it up.

I'm sure the Tapper is harmless, but it still gives me that eerie feeling. I try to avoid ringing him up anymore. You never know what he'll take the wrong way.

Me: Your total is $3.64.

Tapper: omg she loves me!!

So for now I will wait and see what happens, but if I see him anywhere near me OUTSIDE of work, I'm going to assume that he has now moved to creepy stalker status.


  1. this is why you wear a fake wedding ring to work. i mean, you don't want to date any of your customers anyways, right?

  2. Oh boy, been there but on the a whole different level.
    My stalker would wait until I was on a register then come through my line. He'd ask what time I came in, and me thinking he was just a curious guy, would tell him. Turns out he'd figured out our break system and was waiting for me outside when I took my first break. Really freaked me out, I eventually stopped going outside because he was ALWAYS there.
    Next, I was leaving work and he was waiting. He asked if I needed a ride, if I wanted to have drinks with him. Lucky me, my dad had come to pick me up that night and threatened to beat him within an inch of his life. The guy went to my managers about it and tried to get me fired. I was called in to talk with them and I explained what had been going on. It wasn't until he came into the store and screamed at me when I refused to give him my phone number that the police got involved.
    Really scared me. Turns out he'd gone off his medication and thought I was the reincarnation of his late wife (I am not kinding!). I'm still teased at work about THAT psychopath.



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