Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Tis the Season

We had an incident last night but sadly I wasn't there. I did, however, see the whole thing on camera.

One of our regulars, I've talked about him here, came in drunk off his ass last night. The first inkling that the night shift girl had that he was drunk was when he ran over the curb TWICE trying to get into our parking lot.

The next was that he parked next to a pump that was clearly out of order (orange cones and bags covering it) and wanted to get gas there.

After being told he couldn't use that pump, he got back into his car and peeled around the pumps until he stopped at another one. That's when he decided to get out of his car, walk over to the broken pump and start kicking it. It was like he was punishing it for being out of order.

At this point the night shift girl called the cops. After he got done kicking the pump, he stumbled back into the store and tried to get some coffee. He ended up spilling it all over himself. By this time the cops had shown up, but they discreetly parked across the street in an empty parking lot so that they could catch him as soon as he left our parking lot.

Well, it took him awhile to leave our parking lot because he kept backing out and hitting things like our potted plants and trash cans. As soon as he left our parking lot, the cops got him.


I NEVER feel bad when drunk drivers get caught. Even if they are regular customers. Plus this guy always pisses me off cause he's a nutcase about the doughnuts he gets for his church.

I wish the night shift girl would have sold him his daily doughnuts before she called the cops on him, though. Now we're out 2 dozen doughnuts because he's probably locked up in jail.

But, at least that's another drunk off the road. Merry Christmas to him.


  1. Drunk. Doughnuts. Church. Now there's three words that don't belong in the same sentence. Ha! I cashiered for a long time. I'm with ya baby!

  2. i dont know how you do it, .. id go out there and probably try and fight him! hahahaha let us know how he acts when and if he goes back there!

  3. Thanks. Your cashier saved me from going to an accident later in my shift. Appreciate the sleep time!

  4. Just found your blog & so far it's hilarious. I did want to ask a question about scratch off tickets ( how I originally found the blog doing a google search ) there have been a couple times I wasn't sure if I had won on
    a scratch off or wasn't sure the amount won (yes I have been THAT customer) & the cashier scans it or whatever in the machine & then says it wants to know the amount. Huh?? Why would the machine not already know this? Are they testing to see if I know so they can take the difference? Like it's $100 winner but my stupid self thinks it's $10, are they going to pocket the $90? It's happened maybe twice & I was just curious if this is a legit thing the lottery machine has a cashier enter.

  5. My god, I am glad I got fired from your line of work. You are so strong to put up with all the shit you put up with. You are my heroine, seriously.

  6. Anonymous 01: If a customer thought I was lying, I would hand them the printout from the lottery machine to see if I "lying" or not. If they still thought I was lying, I'd direct them to the local lottery office.

  7. Anonymous #1: If the cashier wants to know the amount of what you won and not TELL you the amount of what you won, then yes they are probably keeping the rest of the money.

    The lottery machine tells us what someone wins the second we scan the ticket.

    If I were you I'd report that shit to the store manager and never cash your tickets there again.

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  9. I got to thinking one day that i should start a blog and post it so my friends could see it. thinking it would be fun and show people the shit i have to deal with as a fellow cashier. but alas, ya beat me to it. i've gone through a ton of the same scenarios that you've mentioned. and i just have to say, keep up the good work. ;)



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