Monday, July 12, 2010

Types of Customers: The Tapper

We have a guy that comes in with some sort of OCD. We call him the Tapper, because that's what he does while in the store; taps everything.

He'll walk in and do the same routine every day. Once he walks in the store, he'll go over to the 2 liters of pop and tap the rack. Then he'll walk over to our frozen food section and tap the coolers. Then he'll open one of the beer coolers, and tap each shelf from head to toe. He then grabs his beer and heads to the counter, but not before stopping to tap Spaghetti O cans, Chex Mix and other various items around the store.

Once he reaches the counter he'll set his stuff down and reach to the floor and tap his shoes. Then he'll grab a newspaper and tap that rack a few times. This man gets lots of exercise.

This goes on and on every single day. He's a nice enough guy, but he's also OCD when it comes to his car. When he pulls into our parking lot, he will back into a parking spot. Normally people will back in, adjust if they need to, and get out of the car.

Not the Tapper. He will go back and forth in his car until he gets into the parking spot just right. The shitty part about this is that he has hit many things with his car before; such as our ice cooler and also another employee's car.

Every time he hits something, we always hear it, but when we confront him about it he denies it. He's put some pretty big dents in our ice cooler.

It makes me wonder what he hits when he's at the grocery store or somewhere with a big parking lot. Is that where all the dents in our cars come from?


  1. I feel sorry for anyone that has OCD. It's sad that he has to tap everything like that and he probably can't help himself! The car is another thing though. Can't blame the OCD for hitting stuff!

  2. Is he an "old" tapper. That is sad. I was in line to pay for some food at a resturant once, and the guy had such bad OCD that he had on white cloth gloves but more like surgical gloves. And the hostess would ring him up, he would pull out his wallet, have her take the money out of it, and would never take the change. I have never forgotten that and it's been like 20 years ago.

  3. That is really funny (as in strange, not ha ha funny). But that said, it makes me wonder if I do things like that and don't realize it! I hope not! LOL!

  4. There are two women who come in our store, mother and (adult) daughter. The daughter is mentally challenged and she does the same thing. She walks around while her mother is shopping and she taps on anything in site. They don't hit anything though, they always walk

  5. LOL, just imagine if you reorganized the store. That would drive him nuts.

    Peace, Love and Chocolate

  6. LMAO @ Tiffany!!! xD That would TOTALLY set him off!! HAHAHAHAAA!!!

    @ Cashier, it's a pretty sad thing to have OCD, I think, but I wonder sometimes how it gets to be that bad with people. Nobody is born that way, I wouldn't think, so how exactly does that sort of thing happen? It's something I wonder about all the time, since I'm not too far from it myself. LOL But they were right...hitting the ice machine and stuff with his car is not okay. Perhaps surveillance videos to the police would put a stop to it? Just thinking out loud. LOL

  7. OCD is a really tough thing to have ( I know, unfortunately) - it's almost like a superstitious thing, you just have to touch things in a certain way, in a certain order, or everything will fall apart. I have even moved my car around several times because it didn't feel right. But hitting anything with my car? Unacceptable, and I would definitely be paying for damages and not lying about the incident. Sorry you had to deal with someone like that.



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