Sunday, September 9, 2012

I'm Not Alone...

As you can see, I am not the only cashier that does little things to get my revenge. Here is a recent comment by Anonymous:

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I work at a supermarket. I get terribly rude customers all the time. I once had a lady literally snatch her receipt out of my hand, I was polite and I had done nothing wrong. I have had a customer say "Oh I forgot something, I'll quickly go get it." She came back 15 minutes later. I have customers who are on the phone and don't say anything to me and get annoyed when I have to tell them the total of their purchase, extremely rude. I have customers say to me "I'm in a hurry, please be fast". or "I have a doctors appointment in 5 minutes, can you hurry?" No! It's your own fault for not a)shopping fast enough, or b) being late! So when I get pissed off at work (which is a lot of the time) I tend to do things.

1) I squish their bread as I 'gently' place it in their bag.
2) If they are buying tofu, it gets squished.
3) The cap of the milk is slightly opened.
4) I overpack bags (Our bags keep getting thinner).
5) I don't ask if they would like the beef or other meat separate from the rest of their food (We have to ask, I've had a lady yell at me for not asking when I did, she wasn't listening)
6) I take as long as possible to put through their payment.
7) if you give me a large note (say a $100 note) and you only spend $45.15, I will give you back 3 $10 notes, 2 $5notes, 2 $2 coins, 1 $1 coin, a 20cent coin, 6 10cent coins and a 5cent piece. And then i will say, in a sickly sweet voice, "Sorry about the small change" and smile.

So really, don't be rude to us. We are nice people and we have done nothing wrong to you, yet, so if you are polite to us, we will be polite to you.
Stuff not to do:
1) Instructing us how to pack bags is not nice. We know how to pack bags, we work at a supermarket.
2)Don't give me your green bags after I have packed half your stuff in plastic (Plastic bags are free in our store). I will not repack what I have already packed.
3)If you have two small items and the person behind you has many items, DO NOT hold your two items, because I will assume you are both together and start on the large transaction (because I don't see your items). So don't get mad at me for that.
4)You can start unpacking your load when there is a metre gap between your items and the person in front of you, I can see where theirs stops, I'm not an idiot. And unpacking all your stuff once i have put through their payment, are you trying to hold up the whole store?
5) Shove your Flybuys (or other rewards card) under my nose throughout the whole transaction, as you can probably see I am busy, half the time both hands are literally full. I will put it through at the end, calm down.
6) If you swipe your own Flybuys (or rewards card) and LITERALLY SMACK MY HAND OUT OF THE WAY, I will be pissed off, and that is putting it lightly. Can you be any ruder? I mean really? Are you that impatient? Do you like hitting 18 year old girls? Don't be a dickhead, you think it saves time, but it just gets us mad.

I get mad, yes, but is it warranted? Yes.
Be nice to cashiers and we will be nice to you.
I'm polite and courteous to everyone who comes through my checkout. But if you are rude or treat me badly, things will happen to your food.. 

At least I know I'm not the only one out there! I think I should start a Cashiers Anonymous group so we can all vent our frustrations. I could pass out packages of Little Debbie snack cakes so we can all practice squeezing them.


  1. I'm a cashier as well, and I can totally relate to this! I get tired of saying hi to customers and getting NO response back. I love taking my time filling out the slip for native tax exempt, especially when I know the customer behind them ignored the open lanes around me and practically ran into mine thinking for some reason they'll get through quicker. Though I don't purposely smush bread, it sometimes happens. We recently became a supercentre with groceries (fruits/vegetables, meats, etc.), and I hate it when people buy loose apples or oranges, place them in the bags provided at the counter, but don't tie when I pick the bag up to place on the scale on the register, if they come rolling out, oh well, I'll pick them up and shove them back in......but God knows when I last had a chance to use the antibacterial gel at the register so hope you wash everything! I get people trying to pull the bags off the racks BEFORE I have finished filling them. Hate it the way customers just throw things on the belts with no rhyme or reason. You put food, then cleaners, then more food, then frozen stuff, then health & beauty items, then more food, just watch how they may get packed. It kills me how people bring in their own bags, care less what gets packed with what in them, yet when you use the store's plastic bags (still free), they don't want this with that. So if it isn't OK with the store bags, what makes them think it's OK with their reuseable bags??? Duh! Touching those reuseable bags is a people not wash the damn things? Don't yell at me when you can't read coupons properly and I have to reject one because you picked up the wrong thing. I could go on and on and on........

  2. I am also a cashier at a supermarket and I hate most customers. My coworkers don't seem to hate the customers, though, which is weird. Our customers are so rude. I hate those people who fill their carts, use two WIC checks, then put the rest on food stamps. Oh, and the food stamps! Food stamps are supposed to provide you with food for nutrients, not junk food. So many people get three bags of chips, two packages of cookies, fruit snacks, pop, candy, etc. Then they only get some grapes or three apples. I get people who spend $300 worth of food stamps and they only have them, their spouse, and maybe one or two kids when my mom gets $2 for three people each month. I really hate these people that waste food stamps.
    I also really hate people that just refuse to talk to me. If I ask, "How are you today?" they remain silent. I try to make them talk by asking whether they'd like paper or plastic, or by asking if they want their bread separate. I also like to press down on the scale a little when weighing their produce for a price.

  3. Next time you are in a grocery store look at the self check lanes. People stand in longer lines to check out their own items rather than go to cashiers these days. Sometimes the cashiers lines are empty.

    To those in retail who hate their jobs I say, "Don't worry you will lose this job soon".

    That, of course, is for those who are not employed by daddy.



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