Friday, December 7, 2012

Loafing Around

While this is semi-old news, I'm still going to talk about it.


Are they gone for good? Who knows. But I DO know that everyone was racing out to get them once the story hit the news. We sold out of Twinkies and Wonder bread that same night.

So now that we were out of bread, we had to look for another supplier. So we decided to go with Nickles bread. Mainly because the truck had stopped at our store to get gas.

Now we have Nickles bread and I'm not sure how I feel about that. Why? Because the delivery guy was a dick when he first came into our store.

He had looked at our bread display, which is quite measly but that's because we don't focus primarily on bread to make a living.

Then he told us that we needed to sell a minimum of $50 a week for him to even consider our store. He told us it wouldn't be worth his time.


So now that they are the major bread place around here they are now being picky? I don't get it. Even a store doing half of that would still be business.

And he stops at our store to get gas all the time so we can't be THAT far out of his way.

Just for the fact that he said that makes me want to tell him to go away.

But we need bread. Our customers need something to absorb all that alcohol in their stomachs.

Let's hope that Twinkies and Wonder bread come back soon.

Was anyone saddened by the demise of the Twinkie?


  1. Thank God I'm in Canada.....Twinkies are alive and well here!

    1. Hmm, maybe I'll have to make a trip to Canada then....I could use the extra cash selling Twinkies from my car

  2. Not so much the Twinkies but the whole Hostess thing - and not me but my husband - he likes something called Susie-Q...Me, I don't eat that stuff!

    1. I haven't eaten a Twinkie in years. And neither had probably all of these other people that were rushing out to buy out the shelves of them!

  3. how much is a loaf of bread there??? - $50 per week doesn't sound that much - i think in oz that would be around 15 is a bit rich though when he's coming there for fuel anyway.

    1. It's about $2.29 for a loaf of bread. I think the guy was just being an asshole - many of the jerks that come into our store are often the delivery drivers themselves. We've even had drivers ask for a discount on gas in order to deliver to us!

  4. You'd think that a company named Nickles wouldn't play hardball over pennies.

    I crack myself up.

  5. I'm glad Twinkies are off the market and hope they never reappear. And I wouldn't eat Wonder bread if you paid me. I'll buy a six pack of beer from you though!



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