Thursday, October 7, 2010

Picking the Best of the Bunch

I love it when customers think they pull one over on me by handing me crumpled money or old money.

I love watching when they go through their wad of cash, looking for the most beat up bills they can find, and then slowly plucking them out of the bunch and handing them to me.

It's also funny when someone tries to disguise the fact that they are giving me a bill that's ripped or missing corners. They try to hide that bill in between others that are fully intact.

But it's okay, I always notice these things.

So when I'm giving you your change back after you carefully took the time to give me the shittiest money you had, I am taking my time looking for the crappiest and grossest coins I can find.

So don't be surprised when you get back a coin with a mystery substance on it. I may make it look like I don't notice what I've giving you, but I know exactly what I'm doing.


  1. Something about ripped bills just drives me crazy! My mom has this thing she does for birthdays, she thinks she's sooo clever. I have two older boys and she'll rip a bill in half and give each boy one of the halves. Wow, real smart Mom. What the hell are they supposed to do with that? Tape them together and try to pass it off as a whole bill? Grrr! I told her once that intentionally destroying money was a federal offence (don't know if that's true but it sounds like it COULD be) but she didn't care. Thank god she only does it with small bills (like tens), if she did it with a fifty I'd have to smack her! lol

  2. I usually agree with you, but what's the big deal if there are a few corners missing, and a fold? If it does have something sticky and gross on it, that a whole other pot. But crumpled? I don't see that as an issue.

  3. I work in the convenience store arena and have noticed these same types of things. Sometimes I notice a customer fanning through a bunch of brand new dollar bills only to pull out the oldest, dirtiest bill I have ever seen. I would much rather have the old bills than the new ones that stick together and are hard to handle. I then find myself crumpling the brand new bills a bit so I don't hand out two by mistake to the next customer. As for customers that hand me crumpled bills, I just watch them pull wads of bills out of their pockets and hand them to me in a ball....just kind of makes me laugh inside...

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  5. Peter Ingestad is a tard. A BIIIIIIG tard!!

    I get really irritated by wadded-up money! The old crap doesn't bother me as much, as long as it isn't wet....*SHUDDERS!!!* But hand me a wad of money in a ball, and I am going to make sure to bring home to you the fact that doing this is EXTREMELY fucking rude and just plain LAZY. Expect to get back change that is in such a wad, you can't even identify the bill, and I'm going to toss it on the counter, to boot. Coins and all. (LOL Can ya' tell this is my pet peeve? xD )



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