Friday, October 8, 2010

Ma'am, You Need to Pay for That

We had this girl come in today and fill up her cup with coffee. Or so we thought..

After she filled it up, she went back outside to her car without even paying for it.

So my coworker ran after her. He told her that she needs to pay for the coffee she took.

"Oh, I didn't get coffee. I just filled my cup with creamer."

...Really? Like that shit doesn't cost anything?

I can't stand when customers come in and do that. Surprisingly we get tons of people that run in, fill their coffee mug from home up with a 'dash' of cream, and then run out.

I'd understand if they were buying other stuff in the store, but they aren't. They're leaving their car running to come in and steal our coffee creamer.

Half the time these are people I've never even seen before!

People have some nerve.

I told my co-worker next time to charge her 10 cents for it. Yeah, it's only 10 cents, but it's the point of the whole thing. Don't fucking come in the store and assume things are free.

1 comment:

  1. What a douche!! And I say charge her a quarter. ;) After spending $1.25 in a week, I'm willing to bet she takes her cheap, theiving ass to the grocery store and buys a $2.00 carton of her OWN damn creamer!! LOL



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