Thursday, October 28, 2010

Emptying Your Ashtray

One thing I don't understand that happens A LOT, is why people will empty their ashtrays on the ground in the parking lot.

I mean, the garbage can is just a few feet away from your fat ass, so get out of your car and empty it in there.

I am always sweeping up piles of cigarette butts and ashes from the parking lot. I just don't understand why people have the nerve to litter openly like that. At least get out and dump it behind the building or something. Don't just leave your pile of butts all over the lot.

I wish I could catch one of these people sometime. I would scoop up their mess after they leave and wait for the next time they come into the store. Once inside, I would have my coworker distract them while I run outside, open their car door, and dump the ashtray contents all over their seat.

It's the same thing with people that come into the store and buy a drink. They will sometimes finish the drink before they get to their car, and then just throw the bottle on the ground.

People are pigs. I get paid to ring you up for your crap, not pick it up off the ground.


  1. You answered your own question: their asses are too fat to easily heft out of the car seat, so they instead bend over that bulge in their middles and empty the ashtray onto the parking lot. They're just to damned fat to walk over to a garbage can and dispose of their trash the way respectful people would.

  2. I hate that too. I pull up to get out the car and there is a pile of cigarette butts smeared across he ground. Blah.

    Peace, Love and Chocolate

  3. I guess it's the same reason why people don't poop && scoop. They're selfish and society has become so skewed that it's become the norm to litter, jaywalk, etc.

  4. I hate this, as well! I was sweeping the parking lot and the pumps, today, and while I was sweeping around one of the pumps someone pulls up and just keeps inching closer and closer until I would move out of the way. This makes sense considering every other pump was open at the time and it just had to be THAT pump the woman parks on. So I just decide to sweep everywhere else since I only had to sweep up one more candy wrapper on the pump, anyway. So the woman takes about ten minutes to leave and all she does is go into the store, get into her car and scratch off lottery tickets. She didn't even get any GAS!

    Anyway, while I went over to the pump I notice a HUGE pile of ashes on the ground RIGHT in front of the garbage can.... RIGHT IN FRONT OF IT. What a bitch. I guess all her scratch-offs lost.



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