Monday, December 6, 2010

I'm a Pampered Princess

We have a deli case that holds our freshly made sandwiches every day. This thing is about ten years old, but it has served us well.

Lately, though, it has started making lots of noise, probably signaling to us that it is dying soon.

Well yesterday, when I came in to work at 5am, the deli case was making this horrendous noise and I couldn't hear anything.

I asked the night shift girl how long it was doing this and she said all night. I probably would have shot someone if I had to listen to that sound all night.

So anyways, there wasn't anything I could do about the noise. Of course, though, I had to hear about it from every customer that walked in. Good thing I could barely hear anyone anyways from the noise.

After about an hour, I started getting pissed off because it was so loud in the store and I like to quietly wake up in the morning.

One of our regulars comes in.

"Wow, that thing sure is loud," he says as he walks over to it.


"I wonder what's wrong with it."

I look over at him, and notice that he's kicking the deli case in order to get it to stop. I run over to him. "I hope you didn't just kick that thing."

He didn't say anything but his face turned red.

"Because if it broke, you'd be responsible for breaking it and these things cost about $5,000."

"Well did you try unplugging it?"

Not that it was any of his business. "Yes, I already did but it won't unplug and I already hurt myself trying to do it."

"Oh, you're just like my daughter, a pampered princess."

Excuse me? I'm a pampered princess because I'm physically too weak to pull this massive plug out of the wall? A plug, by the way, that has a lock on it and you have to turn it a certain way to get it out.

Yeah, imagine me as a fucking pampered princess.

I was going to make a comment about his excessive lottery playing and point out the Gamblers Anonymous phone number to him, but instead I just smiled and cut him off while he was talking to tell him to have a nice day, which is MY code for 'You've pissed me off, now get out'.


  1. "Pampered Princess" ,eh? Um, no. I don't think so... You wouldn't be @ work every day if you were... Obv. he has issues w/ his daughter that he ever so lovely decided to hash out on YOU. ;) Dealing w/ the public is hard. You handle it well!

  2. I would have kicked him when he turned around and said, "Damn. I guess kicking something to make it shut up doesn't work."



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