Saturday, April 30, 2011

What Should I Do With Myself?

This week sucked. Since gas has risen to $4.15 per gallon here, everyone has stopped buying gas and I don't blame them.

It's been like a ghost town around here. So much so, that I really haven't had any customers annoy me this week.

Of course the lottery customers have made their appearance. There's always the freaking lottery customers.

So I've pretty much had to pretend that I was doing some work around the store all week. It's really difficult to make it look like I'm working. It's actually more work than I usually do.

I wish someone would lower the gas prices so we can get our gas customers back. I need someone to piss me off or something! It's just not the same around here anymore.


  1. What if I come in and start masturbating in the candy aisle? ;)

  2. I'll be sure to send all the annoying fuckheads I encounter straight over...and will look much forward to the ensuing hate posts!! ;)

  3. He he... it's nearly 7 pounds a gallon here in the UK (i.e., about 10 dollars!)



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