Tuesday, May 3, 2011

No ID, No Ciggies

Last night I worked night shift.

Lots of people last night didn't have their IDs on them, so they didn't get the beer or cigarettes they were hoping for.

One girl I carded told me she didn't have her ID because her fiance had it. I told her I couldn't sell her cigarettes and she was fine with that.

About an hour later an older woman came in.

"I'll take a pack of Marlboro Special Blend," she said as she pulled her money out of her purse. "You carded my daughter earlier and she didn't have her ID on her because her fiance had it."

"Oh yeah, I remember her."

The woman sharply looks up at me. "Well she's going to be 26 in July."

And I'm supposed to know that how?

"Well we card everyone that looks under 40," I said.

She huffed and shook her head.

I really don't see how any of this was my fault. Her daughter didn't have her ID, plain and simple. She shouldn't have been driving a car then, either.

I hate parents like that.

I ended up telling her that I wasn't going to get fined $1,000 for selling to underage people. She didn't say a word. Just gathered her stuff and walked out. Well fuck you too, lady.


  1. i love how sometimes when i card people they say, "you're the only one that cards me, i'm in here all the time and i'm almost 27!" and i'm like, dude, i've never seen you in here before, i'm legally required to card anyone who looks under 30, and you don't even look 21. carding, easily the most frustrating part of my job.

  2. Woo boy, I would have been a bitch then! I would have told her, "Well, now, since you just informed me that you're going to buy cigarettes for a person who may have been a minor and would not present ID, I can not sell them to you, either. Suck on that, cuntasaurus!"

    Le sigh...I am SOOOOO in the wrong profession. xD But seriously, that IS the law in Texas. If you even suspect that someone is going to buy for minors, you have to refuse the sale no matter what. It would have given me GRRRRREAT pleasure to deny her, too, after she was such an anal gland about it. LOL!

  3. I actually have been fined, before. It was only $205 dollars for me. It really sucked and I learned quickly to get over my fear about hearing people freak out over carding them.

    Then, about a year later my state changes its law about carding people. Now, if we don't card people who are UNDER 27, and it happens to be a sting, then we get fined as well. So, yes, we can get fined for selling cigarettes to people over 18, but under 27. That is, though, unless we happened to already know the person's birthday. When this happened, my work place said we had to card EVERYONE, this includes elderly people who look like they're about to die. Just imagine having all of those elderly customers curse you out over 'I.D.ing' them.


  4. I have a friend who got burned by a sting once. It was ATF doing a random sting on one holiday weekend, and she was too nice to card people like she should. I told her not to do it that way, because one day it would bite her in the ass...and it sure did. I felt horrible for her!! She sold to a 16-year old kid who was with ATF, and my friend got arrested in front of god knows how many customers and all of her fellow employees!! Her job was immediately forfeit, and likely any job she might hope to have in the future...AND, they added insult to injury by fining her TEN THOUSAND DOLLARS. This woman had 7 kids and worked her fingers to the bone to half starve, and she's supposed to pay TEN GRAND?? It ruined her entire life. So even though I was always VERY good about ID'ing people before that, I became a downright Nazi about it after that!! No customer and their fucking bottle of wine is worth jail time or ten thousand dollars of my HARD-EARNED money!! They can shove it up their ass!!



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