Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Can I Have Change For This?

We get a lot of customers coming in wanting change for their bills. That's fine if it's a small bill.

I do, however, refuse to give people change for a $100 bill. It is then that I tell them they have to buy something if they want to break the bill.

A lot of people get mad. They are mad that I'm now making them buy something. They usually look around for about five minutes, looking for the cheapest thing in the store, which is our 35 cent gum.

They will usually then throw the gum on the counter and not say a word to me the rest of the time.

Why should we have to break it if you aren't buying something? That puts us at risk because it could be fake money.

It's not even our regular customers that do this. It's people I've never even seen before.

I've told people before that there is a bank across the street. They usually tell me that they won't shop at my store anymore if I won't give them change for their bill. Fine by me, I don't give a shit.

The gas station down the street won't even accept a $100 bill as payment, even if you owe them $60 or more. They tell you that you have to pay them in smaller bills or on a credit card.

So take note: If you ever want change for your bigger bills, plan on buying something in the store. It's rude to walk in, not buy anything and assume the cashier will give you change.


  1. It is rude. I never carry bills at all.

  2. It's a stupid and empty threat to say they'll never shop there again. Apparently they aren't shopping there in the first place if they are mad that they have to buy something in order to get change!

  3. At the bank I work at, we're not even supposed to exchange money with people who aren't one of our customers, especially if they're trying to get change for a big bill. Usually they don't get mad. Some people are just jerks, though. They think the world is at their inconvenience just because they're the customer. That perspective really pisses me off.

  4. Well when you through them out they go to fast food, at 9 am in the morning to boot. And then get mad when we only have fives. It's 9 am! Why would we carry big bills that early? Some people are just dumb as hell.

  5. I refuse to cash a $100 bill before noon. I had this one snotty little cuntrag come in and try to pay for a $4.33 sandwich with a $100, and I told her I didn't have the change for it. She got all irate, so I took it...and gave her $95.67 in ONE DOLLAR BILLS. It was the greatest effing thing I've gotten to perpetrate on one of those fucking morons in MONTHS!! xD Restaurants and convenience stores ARE NOT FUCKING BANKS!! If you have a problem with me not having the change for your fucking hundred dollar bill, then tell the motherfuckers AT THE BANK not to give you them in the first place!! NOT MY PROBLEM.

    Okay. Have vented, feel better. LOL!! Way to stick it to those dumb assholes who think their time is more valuable than anyone else!! I ♥ you!! ;)

  6. a customer (cab driver) once told me I was arrogant just because I didn´t want to break money. I just told him that I wasn´t allowed to (which I´m not but everybody does it anyway) and he was like yeah but I think you´re arrogant because everyone else here did it before and I was like I´m not allowed to and he was like sure you! are ask your colleagues hello whos working there me or him? this really got me because people talking about my personality when they don´t even know me? that´s just stupid!

  7. Fraudulent money could occur, but is there a way to prevent fraudulent money from being accepted or measuring the occurrence rate? Shouldn't gas stations use the change cashing responsibility as a way to build customer loyalty?



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