Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Wakey Wakey

I came in to work the other morning at 6am and there was a car parked sideways in one of the parking spots.

I asked the night shift girl what was up with that and she told me that a customer was inside the car and sleeping. He had been sleeping in there now for a few hours.

Usually when people do this they are sleeping off their drunkenness.

I decided to wait a little bit before calling the cops. Even though he was parked sideways, he was parked at the very end of the lot so there were plenty of other spots for customers.

Still, I decided to give him an hour before I got him in trouble.

About 45 minutes later, I see a face pop up inside the car. Sleeping Beauty had woken up. So I watched through the window to try and get a good look at who this guy was.

I wish I had called the cops at the start of my shift.

It was this regular customer that I can't stand. He's the one that called me a "fucking bitch" when I got mad that he spilled his coffee all over the place while talking on his cell phone and blocking my register.

Him and I don't like each other. So when I recognized it was him, I scowled at him through the window. He scowled right back, started up his car and left.

I so wish I would have gotten him in trouble. Even if he wasn't drunk I still would have liked him to wake up to the cops tapping on his window.

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  1. oooh, get his license plate so you can next time!

    ps-- and what is it about people and their cell phones at check-out? I work at a high-end kitchen store and face the same thing. Makes me want to double-charge them (hmmm, I just may).



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