Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Car Washes and Kids

Most gas stations have car washes attached to them, but we don't.

Instead, we let school groups from the community have fundraiser car washes. Some of those groups have made over $400 just from washing cars in an afternoon.

Anyways, the car washes don't bother me so much because most groups hook up their hoses, wash cars and leave when they are done.

There are, however, some groups that piss me off.

I have banned the school cheerleaders from ever doing a car wash at our store because:

a) they wear next to nothing in order to get people to want car washes

b) they take up all the parking spots so our customers can't get into our store

Now, I get that they want to wear skimpy stuff in order to get customers to stop and get their car washed, but what they don't realize is that these men stare and leer at their 13 year-old bodies. It's disgusting. And while I know we have many perverts come into the store, I don't want to know that one of my regulars is a closet perv.

The cheerleaders don't know they are banned yet. As soon as they call to schedule another car wash I'm going to tell them to G-O A-W-A-Y!

The car wash last week was different though. It was for some boy scout troop and I had to actually go out and yell at them. They are also banned from having car washes as well.

It was cloudy outside so they weren't getting much business, so the kids decided to resort to begging customers for money as soon as they got to our front doors. Everytime I heard the door open all I heard was "Mister, do you got a dollar to donate to us?"

When I went out there to tell them to stop, the kids gave me an attitude. So I went to the parents running the thing and told them that if their kids wouldn't stop asking customers for money, I was going to shut off the water supply and close their car wash down.

I don't see why it has to be such a big production when there are car washes. I can't wait for it to start snowing again.


  1. Bleh. I can relate. I was forced to sell donuts when I was in 8th grade for some stupid something-or-other church/ school thing. I resented it then, and I still resent it now. Don't make me sell donuts door-to-door!

    Because of my donut trauma (and it was not even like I had the donuts WITH me to sell, no-- the poor unsuspecting donut-ordering neighbors of mine had to PRE-PAY and order their donuts 6 weeks in advance and the donuts were FROZEN!! Did I mention I lived in Alabama? I am sorry if you live in Alabama now too, or if you ever did in 8th grade), I now refuse to let my little sons sell ANYTHING. That's right. Nothin'. You want my son to sell wrapping paper? How much is he supposed to sell? $100 worth? Here is a check for $100, no I do not want the wrapping paper, the check is my donation, so do not make my kid sell anything!

    The end.


  2. I hate car wash fundraisers. Seriously, I hate the "free car wash" crap they put on the signs. It isn't FREE! They want your money! Why don't they just say "Donate at least $5 and we will wash your car!"

    And the whole teenage girls strutting their stuff is just pervert prey...

  3. did you know that all guys are pervs?

    and if you think otherwise you're ignorant.



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