Thursday, June 23, 2011

No Bag For You

It's no secret that I hate bagging people's items. I don't know why I hate it, I just do.

So when a customer comes up to my register, I always try a little trick in order to not have to bag anything.

Whenever I'm done scanning their stuff, I will always scrunch the items together as close as I can in order to make it look smaller.

The smaller it looks, the better chance they won't want a bag.

This works. It really does. The customer leaves thinking they hardly bought anything, and I end up happy I didn't have to lick my fingers to open up a plastic bag for them. It's a win-win situation.

But I still get the douchebags that want a bag for the 35 cent piece of gum they are buying. Those people will never die.


  1. I'm not one of these folks. I'd rather not have the bag that you had to lick your fingers to get open. Bwahahahahahaha!

    Only the good die young. You're right these kind of folks will never die.

    Have a terrific day. :)

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  3. I love your blog! I came across it earlier this week and I have it marked to check it for updates regularly! Your posts are awesome and I have read back through some of the older ones and laughed out loud (at the funny ones).
    Absolutely awesome!!! Thanks!!!!


  4. hey cashier! you inspired me to do a spin-off piece on this idea.

    MOV :)

  5. It's the opposite at my job. I don't like it when people ask if I want a bag, like they don't want to give me I put every purchase in a bag, then they can tell me if they don't want it. But the ones who tell me they don't want it act annoyed. It's a lose-lose. You piss em off no matter what I guess.

  6. MOV sent me.

    When my son was about 11 we moved and on our first visit to the new grocery store the cashier kept asking me a question and I could not understand her, my fault not hers. Finally my son tells me she is asking about my bags, paper or plastic. Well I go into this explanation that Kroger stores have never made me bring my own bags before and I am befuddled and have no bags . . son just tells the nice lady plastic and refused to shop with me ever again. To this day I can see the look on their faces.

  7. Here in the UK a lot of shops don't give out plastic ones any more but charge you for a renewable one. Seeing as most people have got about 600 of the damn things in their cupboards I think that's a better way to go.

  8. I prefer not to take a bag if my purchase is something I can just carry in my hands. I HATE when cashiers double bag my items. I don't need TWO bags for every 4 canned goods, thank you. I promise you, the bag will not break!

    I like the reuseable bags, but when I do my grocery shopping I buy a LOT of items and I'd need about 25 of them, so it's not very practical. But I always recycle the plastic bags, so at least it's not a total planet-killer.

  9. Where I work we have a lot of elderly people. Florida I swear is the retirement capital of the world or something. They not only want one can to a bag they want it double bagged and then 10 extra bags just to have.

    I want to ask them don't the bags reproduce at your house like rabbits. They do at mine. Or hey, these bags aren't free you know the price of them is built into the cost of what you are buying. I have customers who want to take two bundles of bags. You know how they are stuck together in sections for easy handling yeah they want two of them to just take home for personal use.

  10. I have the problem where people ask me to double bag and "don't put a lot in the bag!"
    Okay, if that's what you want. Its your nickle (per bag).
    Since we changed ownership they are nickle and diming us to death. We charge 5 cents for a bag and the bags keep getting thinner and thinner. Some people won't even trust a bag of sugar in them. Then there are the other people that want to go with as few bags as possible and cram as much stuff in each one as you can.

    I REALLY like the ones that want you to bag for them and then they rearrange everything you've just done. I have been bagging for over 40 YEARS ! ! ! !

    And that's just another reason why I want a taser at my register.

  11. Some people who take "unneeded" plastic bags are re-purposing them. Cat boxes get cleaned into them. Ask the next person (who takes more bags than they seem to need)'ve got cats at home, don't you? Bet I'm right.

  12. I used to be a cashier at CVS. This post made me laugh so hard! I was once asked to double bag a roll of toilet paper. D:< I quit a few weeks later. Silly, ridiculous people.



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