Thursday, January 28, 2010

Cell Phones

I will probably bring up cell phones a lot here. I hate when people come up to my counter talking on their cell phone. Now, I don't care if you are on your phone and talking to me telling me what you want, at least you're paying attention.

I'm talking about those that are on their phones and completely ignore me asking if they need anything else or when I tell them their totals.

I HATE repeating myself. If you are on your phone and I tell you your total and you look at me mid-sentence and go 'huh?', I am going to say it again louder and slower. So when I do that, don't look at me like I'm the idiot here. Get off your phone and pay attention.

I had a guy the other day that was so loud on his phone that we couldn't hear the other customers. I had to tell him his total twice and even then he took forever to pay me. So when his turn was over, I tried ringing up other customers but this guy just wouldn't move and just kept talking loudly on his phone. When he finally got ready to go, he ended up spilling his coffee all over the place from trying to balance his phone on his ear.

So I got pissed.

I grabbed paper towels and told him to get out. He looked at me and asked what the hell my problem was. (He used nastier words, but I won't repeat them here.)

I told him that he was talking on his cell phone, and that's what my problem was. He responded with 'So what? What does that have to do with anything?'

So I politely (okay maybe not) told him that he spilled his coffee all over the place because he wasn't paying attention and that's why I had a problem. So I told him to get out again. By this time there was a line of customers behind him just watching the whole thing.

So on his way out, he proceeds to cuss me out to this mystery person on the phone calling me a 'crabby bitch'. Other customers heard him and started yelling stuff out after him, but of course he didn't hear because he was on his cell phone.

So please, do your local customer service person a favor. Get off your phone before you come up to the counter. We'll love you for it, I promise!


  1. WOW...awesome post. I've never been a cashier, but I have a healthy level of respect for people in every industry: I actually find myself fuming over assholes ahead of me in line jabbering away on their cell phones as they are checked out.

    Incidentally, I just found your blog today via Link referral. You are quite talented with your writing here, please keep up the good work!

  2. I love your smartmouth!I worked as a clerk in a college town and put up with drunk college students and lottery losers all night. You are the voice for all of us- please keep it up.

  3. When I have a customer talking away on a cell phone (I'm a cashier in grocery store)I will talk very quietly. ( don't want to DISTURB them). they usually ask me 'what'. I still speak to them very quietly. Usually by then they are back on the phone. So I get to ask them :
    how they are?
    if they need bags,
    is it debit,
    or do if they have an Airmiles card. They usually will get off the phone because they can't hear me. Works most times.



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