Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Morning Workers vs. Night Workers

One thing I can't stand is when customers in line think they are better than other customers just by what they are buying.

I have a lot of customers that work the night shift, and when they come in to my store at 6am, they are just getting off of work while others are just starting their day.

Well these night shift workers will often be buying beer after work so they can relax and watch tv or something before they go to bed. The same thing these other people working 9-5 do when they get off of work.

But somehow, the morning customers will look down on the customers buying beer this early in the morning, like they are some kind of a drunk or something. They have no clue that this person is just on a different work schedule than they are.

These morning snobs will usually roll their eyes or make comments about these customers after they leave. I hate that.

I usually inform these snobs that these customers are just getting off of work and that there's nothing wrong with buying beer at 6 in the morning. I then tell them they shouldn't talk about people behind their back and to be nice.

No one listens to me though.


  1. People need to mind their own business. Period.

  2. So, you're saying that everyone _doesn't_ work 9-5? That's like... blasphemous or something.

  3. Woman, I feel ya. I get chastised when I start at two pm. I don't work, for starters, I'm a SAHM. But somedays are just slow and the toddler's down for a nap, so why not? Got the whole day ahead of me to sip on it!

  4. I've seen people in line buying beer and I didn't really care since it's THEIR business. lol
    I love your posts.

  5. Em Dee: Well said.

    Miss Ash: I know, terrible, right??

    Brie: Everyone does their own thing...doesn't bother me one bit. My customers need to mind their own business.

    Sherri: Thanks! :-)



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