Friday, March 4, 2011

Gas Prices

For 30 years we've had a price sign that looks something like this:

Whenever the gas prices changed, we would have to go outside with our long pole (since the sign was so high up in the air) and manually change the numbers to reflect the new prices. This was one of my least favorite jobs. Why?

Because people took it upon themselves to yell shit at me.

If the price of gas was going up, I'd hear comments shouted at me in all directions from people in their cars.

"Gas is already too high, you bitch!"

"Lower the fucking price!"

"Hey, can I get some free gas???"

I'd always ignore them and just continue on about my job.

Sometimes the numbers would be frozen to the sign and I'd have to bring a ladder out with me to chip away at the ice. I hated it because the longer I was out there, the more people could shout at me.

Sometimes people would see me walking out with the pole to change the price, quickly do a U-turn into our parking lot so that they could hurry up and get the lower price.

If people happened to be pumping gas while I was walking towards the sign to change to price, I'd hear: "Hey! I'm already pumping gas, I better get the lower price!!"

Yes, dumbass, you get the lower price.

But now, those days are over. We have finally gotten a digital sign like this:

I can now conveniently change the price from the comfort of our back office. No more comments, yelling, or insults. I could change the price naked if I wanted to. But I'd probably blind some of my co-workers and then I'd have to cover their no, I guess I won't change the price while naked.

But the point is that at least people won't blame me when the gas prices go up. I'm just an innocent cashier in a mean and cruel world.


  1. In high school I used to work at a retail store with a sign out front with the plastic letters like that. It seemed like they always wanted to change the sign on windy days when I was wearing a skirt. And the "I"s were always a pain in the ass, they never stuck to the pole.

  2. People should be made to wear shock collars that people like you and I can activate when they show their ass, as they NEVER EVER EVER fail to do. All the collars would be set to the exact same frequency, so you could even get some other dumbasses at the same time!! LOL (I know, my mind goes to DARK places...hubs is worried about me. LOL!!)



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