Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Multi-Tasking at the Gas Pump

Many times there's nothing to do during the day, so I will watch customers outside at the gas pumps.

One thing I've noticed a lot is that customers really like to get their exercise in while they are waiting for their gas to finish pumping.

I've observed people doing these:

as well as these:

Today I saw a woman jumping up and down while waiting at the gas pump. It took about ten minutes to fill her tank, and during that time all she did was jump up and down violently and really high in the air. I thought she was going to bang her head on the canopy.

One of these days I'll probably see someone on the concrete doing this:

I wonder if I should shoot a gas station exercise video.

Hmm, do you think that would sell?


  1. LOL It would be a youtube sensation, for sure!! xD Sounds like you have lots of free entertainment during the day!! I'm jealous...all I get to see is dumb mofos not looking both ways before pulling out in front of crossbound traffic.

  2. You definitely need to start taking video of some of these customers! I've never seen anyone exercising at the pump, and I've never thought of doing it myself. Then again I have a small car and I've never had to put more than 10 gallons in it (thank goodness!)so I wouldn't get in very many squats anyway. I'm going to have to start paying attention to the other customers now!



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