Wednesday, March 30, 2011

She Hid WHAT in her Sock?

On what planet do people think it's okay to keep their loose change and dollar bills hidden inside of a sock?

That's normally okay if the sock is located in your sock drawer.

What's not okay is when said sock is actually on your foot and you have to pull it off to retrieve your money!

I had this happen (yet again) to me yesterday.

"That'll be $3.31 please," I said sleepily.

"Sure, no problem," the woman said as she bent down. I figured she had placed her purse on the ground or something and was bending down to pull money out of it. No so. "Let me just get the money out of my sock," she stated.

I watched as she peeled the sock off of her sweaty foot and put a bunch of equally sweaty change on the counter. Then she looked up at me. Apparently it was my job to sort through her smelly change and count it all out.

I don't know if she got offended or not, but I ended up walking in the back room really quick to grab some latex gloves.

I put those on and started counting her change. She didn't say anything to me and ended up walking out after I completed her purchase.

I wasn't trying to be a smart-ass or anything by putting the gloves on. I WAS however, trying to prevent athlete's foot or some other possible fungus from attaching to my face.

I just honestly don't get how people think doing this is okay. Why should a cashier have to touch foot money??

Please tell me no one reading this has ever done such a thing.


  1. Nope. I keep my change in my underwear. Fruit of the Loom, baby! ;)

  2. OMG one of the nastiest things I've ever seen...where did you get this pic?!!?!?!?

    I wouldn't want to touch foot money either. Don't you hate when people hand you wet bills...or anything wet...gross!

  3. I would have walked over to the shelf with the Lysol, grabbed a can, and doused the money until she was choking on the fumes from it!! GROOOOOOOOSSSS!!!!! Stupid cuntrag. Then, I would have told her that her money was no longer good at the store unless it came from a wallet or other non-body covering item. WTF is WITH people?!?!

  4. I could have gone the rest of my life without seeing that picture. *gag* I used to work the register at a hardware store in the crappy part of town, and overly-endowed women would pull nasty sweaty dollar bills out of their bras, where they had been plastered with sweat to their equally sweaty gazongas. Gross! And I live in SC, so you can imagine how hot and sweaty these people get in summer. NASTY.

  5. I had some one today that had the VISA card in his mouth the whole time I was ringing him through and he was putting the groceries in his knapsack.

    At the end of the order he takes the card out of his mouth and tries to hand it to me. I said "no, you can swipe it yourself."

    I didn't take the card from him. I told him he could do it himself.

  6. Gross! When I was a cashier in a drug store a guy asked for hearing aid batteries and when I asked him what size he needed, he proceeded to pull his gross, ear wax covered hearing aid out of his ear and tried to hand it to me! I refused to take it of course and told him he had to take the battery out himself and look! God! Some people are so moronic!

  7. That pic is nasty. And foot money people are gross!

  8. i had a customer that had her money in her underarm/bra. it was dripping wet and it smelled. eeew! i also had this mom take merchandise from her kid's mouth and try to hand it to me. EW! it was still all drool-soaked. i don't know where your lil germy kid's mouth has been. i know kids stick everything in their mouths and you're his mom so you're desensitized to it, but that doesn't mean it's okay to hand it to me!

  9. I just came across your blog and I LOVE it! I'm a cashier too and have been for quite some time now in various places and I can relate so much. I just love it! It's great. :)

  10. that is really gross. your customers are way too weird.

  11. thats pretty gross! i have to admit i carried money in my bra until i realized i didnt want dirty money in my bra and people dont want money dampened with boob sweat...



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