Friday, March 18, 2011

Night Shift Crazies

Hmm, I think there must be some kind of secret cashier group that I'm not invited to. A group designed to drive me crazy.

When I work the graveyard shift, it's bad enough when I get dumb customers. But now I get dumb cashiers.

This girl walked up to my register the other night:

Girl: Hi, can I get a pack of Camel Lights?

Me: Sure. Can I see your ID?

Girl: Sure.

I walk away to go grab her cigarettes. I come back. She hands me her ID.

Girl: It's funny, I work at a gas station and I STILL get carded for cigarettes.

Me: ...

Me: What?

Girl: Ever since I got a job at a gas station, I get carded all the time. It sucks.

Me: ...

Me: How is anyone supposed to know you work at a gas station?

She just smiled at me, obviously pissed off by the whole thing. But I really wanted to find out her reasoning behind this.

Me: No, really, how is someone supposed to know you work at a gas station? And what does that have to do with getting carded for cigarettes?

Girl (who must be having her own conversation inside her head): I work at crappy BP. I ring up people all the time. Can I help you? Can I help you?

Me: Oooookay. :::realizing that this one must be a nutcase:::

Girl: I card people all the time. Now I'm getting carded.

I could see the crazy look form in her eyes. So I picked up the phone and pretended someone had just called. I doubt she'd notice that it hadn't even rang.

Me (on pretend phone call): Hello? Oh hi, how are you? Haha that's good. How's the kids?

I kept on like this since as usual when I'm dealing with a freak, we are the only two in the store. Soon she started mumbling to herself as she packed up her wallet in her purse and walked out the door.

I kept an extra eye open that night.


  1. Just another one of the "Full Moon" crazies.

  2. Hilarious as usual.

    I just referenced you in my newest post. Not fishin for "thank yous" or "cookies." Just hope you get a few new readers out of the deal. One of my faves on the net.

  3. LOL Definitely a wackadoodle!! What a tard. xD



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