Friday, March 25, 2011

Money Laundering

I don't like Western Union, which is the company that lets you send money to people in far away places. It causes us nothing but problems.

Awhile ago we were scammed by people claiming to be Western Union and lost a good amount of money. Western Union did nothing to help us get any of the money back. Even after WE did all the detective work and found out most of the information.

We sell money orders and have a few people come in about once a week that get thousands of dollars in money orders. They come in, pay us, get their money order and leave. Nice, simple transaction. No big deal, right?

Well, Western Union doesn't like this apparently. They tell us that we must now get the driver's license information of people getting any money orders over $1,000. Why? Because of something about money laundering.

1) I don't give a shit about money laundering. I don't really even know what it is and I'm too lazy to Google it.

2) I have no desire to help out Western Union since they never helped us out when we needed them.

3) If someone pays us cash to get a money order, that should be a simple, easy transaction. I shouldn't have to take the time to get all their information as well as if they wipe from front to back.

When we were scammed awhile ago, we were told by Western Union that Western Union will never call us about anything, so we should never take a phone call from Western Union because it is most likely a scam.

Okay, but all we've received is phone calls from Western Union telling us to get information on these money order people. Not one representative has bothered to stop in.

Like I said, I don't like Western Union and don't feel it is our responsibility to help them out with this money order/money laundering thing. Maybe if they had helped us out before I would help them, but they didn't, so I won't.

What do you think?


  1. I so AGREE ! ! ! ! !

    DO NOT send them anything if all they can do is call you. If they have a problem they will send someone around or send an authorized letter (even that I wouldn't trust much).
    We do WU at our store and they do seem to be a problem a lot. I, personally, can't do them but the head cashiers can and it takes so much time out of what they are supposed to do for us. I hope they pay our store BIG BUCKS for this "service".

  2. I disagree.

    Most people who are laundering money are criminals indulging in drugs, guns and/or terrorism and these are just some of the offenses.

    By not complying with WU you are in essence supporting drugs, guns, and terrorism.

    Here's a link to some info about money laundering ...

  3. Money laundering is done when someone say, robs a bank. The feds will know the serial numbers on all the bills that were taken, so they can't spend them in a store for merchandise, and they also can't put it back into a bank. So they go to a place like yours, and buy money orders with it, then turn the money orders over to whoever heads their organization...thereby giving them "clean" money.

    I agree with Sally...if they were truly concerned, they should be sending someone around to investigate. FTP!!!! It's not your job to comply with Western Union, or to take care of THEIR business. Those bastards. Though I would probably consider getting someone from the Treasury dept. in on it...they would most CERTAINLY send someone out!! LOL

  4. Laundering money is not only about drugs, guns and terrorism.

    It is sometimes about counterfeit money.

  5. Maybe my post wasn't worded clearly?? It was not my intention to imply that drugs, guns && terrorism were the only illegal offenses tied to money laundering, so thanks for adding counterfeit money to the list ;)

    Either way complying with WU should be viewed from the bigger picture window as opposed to the narrower one.

  6. I have taken calls from Western Union people at our store (same thing, no rep shows up). I don't know who they are or where they are calling from because with the heavy accent it is almost impossible to understand them. I'm not normally rude, but I end the calls by hanging up. Stores can't take these calls seriously and would like to see local reps face to face like any other vendor they deal with. If their reps are to busy to visit the store, don't bother to call.

  7. My housemate was ripped off on a WU-based internet scale for 1700 pounds. WU had not the *slightest* interest in helping us. Absolutely nothing in response. Makes you wonder whether actually they need all the fraud to keep themselves in business. I would never ever have anyhting to do with them again.



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