Friday, May 13, 2011

I Am One Dumb Bitch

I had the biggest fuckface come in the other night when I was working night shift.

First, he was on his cell phone and when I asked if I could help him he just kept talking into his phone.

But I stayed calm.

When he finally answered me, he was pointing to our wall of cigars and telling me he wanted the 2 for 99 cents cigars.

Once again, I must point out that I don't smoke cigars and have no idea where these 2 for 99 cent cigars are, so I start looking around.

While he's still on the phone, he keeps pointing at what he wants.

"They're right in front of your face! Can't you see?"

I look at him. "They're ALL right in front of my face."

So I tell him to just come over there and take which ones he wants. But he doesn't. He keeps pointing.

"Can't you read? THEY ARE RIGHT IN FRONT OF YOU!" he yells.

I keep looking while my blood starts boiling. I finally find them and grab two packs.

The total comes up to $2.13.

"No, you idiot, I only wanted one pack," he says, still on his phone.

So I cancel one of the packs and his total is now $1.07. He throws a dollar on the counter.

"Do you have 7 cents?" he asks me.

"Are you serious? You keep calling me names and now you're asking me for money? No, I don't have 7 cents for you."

"Well then can you wait here for a second while I go get it?" he says while staring at me. I shrug my shoulders. As soon as he turns around he puts the cell phone back up to his ear and starts calling me a dumb bitch to the person on the phone.

So I yell back to him, "Okay, I think you should take your money and leave. I'm not selling anything to you."

He turns around and walks back up to me. He grabs his dollar from the counter and then turns to walk away shouting out a smorgasbord of comments. "Yeah, I think I will go somewhere else. You are one dumb bitch. You don't know how to read. 1-2-3. Learn to count. 1 to 10. Yeah that's right, you can't say anything back to me. Yeah, that's right. You're so fucking stupid."

The dumb fuck couldn't say any of this to my face. He had to say it all as he was walking out of the store. I yelled at him to "Go fuck yourself" but I don't think he heard me through all the name calling he did.

What the fuck did I do to him? This is what I mean about how we get treated like shit by people for nothing. I can honestly say that this time I wasn't mouthy, or mean or anything until he started the name calling.

So the next night I got smart and hid all the cigars under the counter so no one could buy any of them.


  1. I'm mostly impressed and jealous that you get to cuss them out if they make you mad and treat you like crap. I've only ever had jobs where you had to smile and take it and try to be even nicer to them. That is the kind of job that makes people go postal. Just try suppressing all that crap after never being able to stand up for yourself. Ugh! It's hell on the self-esteem too.

  2. Good for you for refusing to sell him anything. What an asshole. People used to be much nicer before they could talk on the phone anytime, anyplace.

  3. What a stupid dickknob!!! Next time he comes in, wait for him to go all the way back out to his car to get the extra change, then tell him to fuck the fuck off when he comes back inside with it. AND refuse to sell him his stank ass cigars! =) I think I should come and run counter security for would make my year to talk to people like that. xD

  4. Wish I could do that...i work at Target where you have be every customer's (sorry, "guest's") bitch. One day I will quit, and it will be so great that day that i do..

  5. I think that no they shouldn't be responsible for replacing your gas if you drive off after paying becuz that's your negligence. Now if you pay for your gas and if by the time you get to your pump to get your gas and somebody else has took your gas that u didn't authorize to do so before you got to your car to get it I feel the store should be held responsible for that, becuz I think since the store makes you prepay they should be responsible for the gas until u get to your car to get you're gas. Becuz if u you didn't have to prepay for your gas then somebody wouldn't have the chance to steal your gas before you get out there to pump it. That's just how I feel about it.



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