Friday, July 23, 2010

Lady, Your Kid is an Asshole

We have a church next door that has a carnival every year. Normally this wouldn't be a problem, but the carnival is 5 DAYS LONG.

Do you know what that means?

That means it's 5 days of shitty kids and teens being dropped off by their parents in the parking lot so the parents can go off and do whatever they want because hey, they get free babysitting all night.

I dread this carnival every year because pretty much 95% of the kids are mouthy. They used to come into our store in groups of ten or so and then stand around bullshitting and blocking the way for our real customers.

We decided to put a stop to that and only allow 2 in at a time.

Well this enrages those little shits and that's when the insults start flying.

Last year this teen and his teen girlfriend were in the store and I saw them pointing out all the security cameras and then looking at me. So I went over there and asked them if they needed anything and if not, to leave the store.

The boy teen got all high and mighty saying he was a paying customer and that he should be able to look however long he wanted. I pointed out that he wasn't looking at anything except the security cameras. We argued a bit back and forth, and I told him and his teen girlfriend to get out.

Later on that night, this teen brings his mother in to yell at me. He stood behind his mommy with a smirk on his face. She asked what was going on and was all ready to defend her shitty son. Her body language showed that she wanted to tear me a new one for 'disrespecting her son'.

I told her what the kid was doing, and how we get tons of kids in during this carnival and that I don't need this shit from some punk. I told her she's lucky I didn't call the cops on him for pointing out our security cameras because that usually means someone is casing the place getting ready to rob it.

At the end of it all, she apologized for her son's behavior. I was surprised, because normally parents will defend their shitty kid's actions to the end, even when they are so obviously wrong.

It was still her fault in the first place for dropping that shitty teen off at the carnival without any parental supervision.



  1. LOL, that is exactly why I never let my kids go into stores on their own. There are always a bunch of other kids that will screw it up for everyone and I have no want for my boys to get caught up. I am glad his mom knew her son was wrong.

    Peace, Love and Chocolate

  2. What a freaking rat bastard that kid was. Bringing mommy in to yell at you.

  3. Kids just don't seem to have the respect for adults that they used to. Of course I suppose it doesn't help that parents tend to defend their kids and refuse to believe that theirs are obnoxious.

  4. I swear, kids gradually become more and more mouthy every year.

  5. I just set you up for an award hon. My email is not working for some lame ass reason so I need you to go to - to read my blog post for it. Sorry I have to do it this way. Hopefully myemail will start woking again soon.

  6. argh...I keep getting service error 404 on my comments today.
    anyway, yes...people are way too careless with their children.

    but, then, I've been called a heliparent..

  7. You tell that shitty kid who's boss.



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