Saturday, November 27, 2010

The After Holiday Blues

I hate going to work the day after a holiday.


Because then I have to answer a million questions that are all the same: "How was your Thanksgiving?"

At the beginning of the day I start out all smiley telling customers how my Thanksgiving was. By the middle of the day I give shorter answers but ask them how theirs was so I don't have to talk much.

By the end of my shift I'm giving one-word answers, and not even asking them how theirs was.

It's not the customers fault (this time), I just get tired of answering the same questions all day long.

It's like when I say 'Good morning' to people and I hear 'What's so good about it?'. I hear that about a thousand times a day, too.

It's gotten so that I just say 'Morning' to people just so I don't have to hear that comment.

It doesn't help that I hate the holidays too. I hate having to be all smiles during the Christmas season. And Christmas music? Don't even get me started on it.

I hate a lot of things, don't I?


  1. I'm not overly fond of much either...

  2. Sigh. This same thing happens when people relentlessly ask: Have you picked out names yet? Do you know it it's a girl or a boy? Do you know where you're going to college? Have a job yet? And on and on and on. They think they're being so insightful.

  3. That was totally driving me crazy both Thursday and Friday this week. Our store was open for a few hours on Thanksgiving and nearly all my customers were asking why I was working on Thanksgiving. One woman was actually kind of insulted that I was at work rather than at the high school football game.



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