Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Sticking Up for the Drunks

I worked night shift the other night and you know what makes me mad?

Well, pretty much everything, but this is specific.

When I see a drunk person drive up and walk into the store, one that can barely stand and is wobbling all over the place, I will call the cops on them.

It doesn't bother me one bit if you are drunk and have someone else driving you. It's if you are driving yourself and are in my store buying more beer. Or even cigarettes. Or anything. You shouldn't drive drunk. Period.

But what really gets me is the other customers in the store. If I'm on the phone with the police, calling this drunk in, some customers will tell me to "give the guy a break" or "that's mean, why call the cops on him?"

I'm trying to get the damn drunk off the road. I don't think these customers would like it if this drunk asshole killed someone in their family. It just pisses me off sometimes that people butt in like that and try sticking up for a drunk driver.

It still doesn't deter me from calling the cops though. I just wish I could tell them to mind their own fucking business.


  1. If any of those customers had ever lost a family member due to drunk driving their tune would definitely change. I totally agree with you on this one. You aren't being mean you're doing the drunk and a whole lot of other people a huge favor in my opinion.

  2. I completely agree with you. In August 2010, I was out driving really early in the morning because I was going to a friend's house to take them to the airport for a flight they had. I was at a stoplight completely minding my own business and "SMACK" re-ended and my car was totaled, person blew 0.13. I was fine but going through all the insurance crap and going through all the legal crap was the most frustrating part.

  3. I'm totally with you on this (well, on most things, actually). The person saying "give the guy a break" wouldn't be quite as kind, I'm thinking, if it was his loved one who was killed by that guy.

    Fuck 'em. Call.

  4. One of my dad's childhood friend's was killed by a drunk driver while he was doing road construction. I have absolutely no remorse for drunk drivers getting into trouble.

  5. Good for you!
    "Give the guy a break"-- fuck that!

  6. I am glad that someone is looking out for the other people on the road.

    Peace, Love and Chocolate

  7. my high school friend was killed this past week by a drunk driver- he was stopped waiting to pull into his development and the piece of crap slammed into him and tossed him into a ditch. the drunk walked away from it with no injuries. and to be honest, if someone drives drunk you obviously don't care about ruining your life, so i won't either. but what i do have a damned problem with is you putting everyone else on the road in danger. i'm glad there are people like you that stand up to them and call the cops. fuck the people who stand up for those assholes.

  8. Good for you on calling the cops. As for the other dickheads who think you should give the guy a break? They should be kissing your ass for preventing them from having to share the road with another drunk.
    Great blog, by the way.

  9. People driving drunk should be arrested for attempted manslaughter. Maybe people who see drunks and decide to "give them a break" should be arrested, too. And most drunks would probably thank you, later, when they are sober. Keep up the good work! Your calls to the police may have already saved a life, or lives.

  10. Recently, I was driving late at night and encountered a fellow driver that was OBVIOUSLY intoxicated. I called the police from my cell phone, gave them the information, then carefully got as far away from that driver as possible.

    The next day, when I told a coworker about it, she couldn't believe I reported the guy. She thought that if he was staying within the lane, that it wasn't my business and I should have just let him get home.

    I don't understand people sometimes.

  11. Thank you, and god bless you for your good sense!! The next time someone tells you to 'give the guy a break', tell them to give YOU a break...and then smash their Twinkies. LOL

  12. Yay! From a 9-1-1 dispatcher, I can tell you that we appreciate this. I would rather send someone to chase after this guy than get the 30 calls a few minutes later about the accident. KEEP CALLING!

  13. You need a like button!

    I've been tempted to call the cops on people that come through drunk during overnight. One lady even said 'I admit it, I'm drunk' like she was happy, even proud, that she was driving drunk. I think I'll start doing that. People like that need their licenses revoked.



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